By Bradley J. Steiner, American Combato
We are not in the least troubled by those who choose to disdain the kind of serious, vicious and brutal attitudinal and technical approach to self-defense that we and our Associate Teachers espouse.
Just don’t expect us to sanction, endorse, support, or accept it.
We approach self-defense in the manner that our many decades of study, training, research, observation, and teaching has taught us makes the most sense. In this we remain steadfast, but we only seek to persuade those who are looking for the correct way—we are more than happy to accept that others will go the way that makes sense to them.
We reject anything resembling the idea that a victim ought to assume any responsibility at all for the welfare of anyone who violently attacks him, or members of his family, etc. 
Since the more destructive and damaging a combative action is, the more effective and likely to stop a dangerous assailant it is, without reservation we proclaim the merits of such techniques that are destructive and damaging over those that attempt to control-without-injuring or without inflicting permanent harm to the attacker.
To whatever degree a defender moderates his response to violent attack, it is to that degree that he (perhaps unwittingly) actually assists his attacker! 
We believe that those who recoil from the need for savagery when battling savages are in many instances very nice, considerate, and kind individuals. 
Good for them. But in our opinion, they are making a fatal mistake.
It is one thing to be kind and gentle as a rule with others who are decently and essentially kindly disposed toward you. But when you confront a predatory monster who hasn’t risen to the level of appreciating or caring about the person, dignity, property, or life of others whom he chooses to violate, well . . . a wholly different approach is not only called for but is entirely moral and justified. 
Over the years we have worked with victims of violent crime. We have seen the toll taken by bullies, troublemakers, strong-arm robbers, muggers, rapists, physically abusive partners, dangerous gang members, and—indirectly, via contact with loved ones of the victims—murderers, as well as home invaders, purse snatchers, carjackers, and you-name-it.
Deal with the f—ing bastards who perpetrate these crimes humanely?
No thank you.
Forebearance has its place, but not when defending your life or the lives of your loved ones. In desperate situations, extreme, unusual, and drastic action is called for.
If you disagree with us we certainly respect your right to do so. However, in all honesty we can summon no respect for that which you advance as an alternative to the kind of self-defense that we teach.
One of our goals, which we certainly go to no lengths to keep secret—is to bring the truth about real violence and how it must be dealt with to Mr. and Mrs. Average, Decent, Law-Abiding Citizen.
We want good people to be well able to deal with bad people when necessary, and not end up as statistics following an encounter.
If you’re with us, welcome aboard. If not: ¡Ve con Dios! (You’ll need Him).

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