How to reach “Baby Boomers”

People over 55 don’t think of themselves as being old and don’t like to be reminded that they are. Use the term “Baby Boomers” to address the “new old.” The word “seniors”  is now more often applied to people in their early to mid-70s and “elders” to people in their late 70s and beyond.

Don’t assume that people who are old need to be spoken to with simple words and short sentences. Most older people resent being treated like children or as if they’re no longer able to grasp complex ideas.

It’s said that, especially on the Internet, “nobody reads any more.” But mature people still do. Give them facts and substance, not just phrases, hype and flashy images.

Older eyes don’t see well and older people don’t have much patience for pointless flash. In web-based communications, use large type and uncluttered layouts.

When you do use images, be realistic. Use pictures of people with white hair and laugh lines but show them happily engaged in active pursuits.

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