man shouting into bullhorn with hypodermic needles coming out of bullhorn

Many government authorities and the mainstream media would like people to forget their extreme, hateful diatribes against people who chose not to receive controversial mRNA gene-level “vaccine” treatments.

The smoke has long cleared on false contentions by government “experts” and MSM pundits that vaccines would stop community spread, that the COVID vaccines would prevent COVID infections, and that hospitals were overwhelmed due to the intransigence of the unvaccinated.

But no one should forget the vitriol, or how the powerful apparatuses of the government-tech-media complex were concentrated on vilifying average Americans for doing nothing more than trying to exercise their rights to discern the facts, and make their own health and medical choices for themselves and their loved ones.

A recent article on the subject pointed to a video compilation that serves as an important reminder about how radical and vicious the effort to demonize the unvaccinated became, during the COVID War. (“Never Forget: A Retrospective On The Media Lies Surrounding COVID,” 14 May 2023.)

That video link deserves to be viewed by everyone, as a stark reminder of how hatred was weaponized by government against dissident citizens, while fact and truth were suppressed, and political and big business elites hoarded power and wealth as most of society suffered through the COVID War era.

The video, posted by Tom Elliott on Twitter can be viewed here.

There should be accounting for mandates that forced people to choose between livelihoods, careers, and taking the experimental vaccines which are increasingly correlating to devastating incidents of adverse events.

So far there has been precious little in that regard, though a recent lawsuit victory for three Rhode Island teachers fired for refusing the COVID vaccines, is a hopeful sign.

After settling with the school system, the teachers were reinstated with full back pay.

Barrington Public Schools fired teachers Stephanie Hines, Brittany DiOrio, and Kerri Thurber for requesting a religious exemption when the school required the immunization.

The school district and their attorney, Greg Piccirilli, settled last week, enabling the teachers to return to work. They also were awarded $33,333 in damages and back wages. The arrangement gives DiOrio $150,000, Thurber $128,000, and Hines $65,000, according to Zerohedge. (“Fired Teachers Who Refused COVID Vaccine To Get Full Reinstatement And Back Pay,” 15 May 2023.)

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