Congressman Steny Hoyer announced last week that all legislative issues would wrap up before Thursday due to a Capitol Police warning that a militia group was planning to storm the Capitol on 4 March. 
The chatter centered on the fear that so-called QAnon supporters marked the date as the day former President Trump would be inaugurated, according to a bulletin from the FBI and DHS, the Wall Street Journal reported. The report said these domestic extremists are still inspired by allegations of election fraud. 
Congressman Michael McCaul told CNN that the former president should tell these people to “stand down.”
In our 19 January article, “RAND PAUL: CAPITOL SECURITY ‘RIDICULOUS’ AFTER RIOT,” we reported on the increase in security around Washington, D.C., due to the deadly 6 January raid on the Capitol. Senator Rand Paul said earlier that the newly-implemented security apparatus looks like a “militarized zone.”
The WSJ reported that Melissa Smislov, a top intelligence official at DHS, was asked by a Senate committee last week about shortcomings prior to January’s riots and why a warning was not issued. She said that in hindsight, a warning probably should have been issued.
TRENDPOST: We note this to emphasize how intelligence agencies double up on failure to take protective measures after they have failed to prevent an incident they didn’t see coming.
TRENDPOST: We also note this to again illustrate America’s oxymoron named “intelligence” agencies. With unblemished track records of failure of intelligence strategies – from long before 9/11 to the recent riots – they double up on robbing citizens of their privacy, rights, and freedom by imposing strict measures in the name of “security.” 
Indeed, security fences now surround the White House and Capitol building, and legislators are forced to walk through metal detectors and get frisked before entering… measures completely unrelated to the riots.
What fools would try to launch an attack on the Capitol knowing it was militarized… or would they wait 24 hours before the troops left and opened it up? Again, agencies double down on failures and the media bows down to demented demands. 

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