Now in its 20th week, hundreds of thousands of protesters joined a planned march on Sunday, 20 October, despite the ban imposed by police. 

Many protesters ignored the government edict against masks that hide facial identity from police monitoring.

While the march started out peacefully, within two hours it erupted into violence, as some protesters began blocking roads, throwing petrol bombs, and vandalizing stores. Police called to the scene fired tear gas and water cannons into the crowd.

It was reported that police were indiscriminately firing water cannons at non-violent protesters and journalists.  

In another incident, protesters used a chainsaw to cut down a surveillance camera and then set it on fire. Four subway stations were damaged by demonstrators throwing gas bombs.

TRENDPOST: As massive protests accelerate in Hong Kong and across the globe, as we will continue to note, the vast majority of the anti-government action is peaceful with only small bands of dressed-in-black, face-covered rioters committing violent.

To those taking to the streets demanding constructive change, these men in black are “agents provocateurs”… military/police force members that commit violent acts to discredit the movements.

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