Hong Kong has taken a move to require its foreign domestic workers in the city to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or lose their job.
The Guardian reported the city announced a new measure that would make testing for these 370,000 workers mandatory and also require them to receive a vaccination. The paper said residents have called the initiative discriminatory against these individuals because many come from countries like Indonesia and the Philippines.
Eman Villanueva, a spokesperson for the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body, told the paper the move is “discrimination and social exclusion of these workers at its worst.”
“It’s because to them we are easy targets and scapegoats. It’s because they know we don’t have much choice but to follow their discriminatory, illogical, and unreasonable impositions or end up jobless.”
Dr. Law Chi-kwong, Hong Kong’s labor minister, called these workers susceptible to the virus, thus a “high-risk group.” He said,
“In the long run, we need to think about how to get more domestic workers vaccinated. We will impose new requirements when they apply for work visas, including that they must get inoculated with recognized vaccines when they renew their contracts.”
While Hong Kong eased some COVID restrictions last Wednesday and announced the reopening of bars, nightclubs, and karaoke parlors, the government made it mandatory for patrons to show their Vax Passport before entering. 
TRENDPOST: The “You Must Get Vaccinated,” trend will continue to accelerate across the planet. Governments will declare that people are free to not get the COVID vax, but those refusing the jab will not be permitted entrance into public spaces, businesses, events, etc.
As this trend gains momentum, there will be strong opposition from those who refuse to get vaccinated and from workers and business owners who were forced to get the COVID shot that they did not want. Thus, the greater the mandatory vaccine initiatives by governments grow, the faster anti-vax movements will accelerate.
Also, as we have reported in detail, the word from the Drug Lords (labeled “Big Pharma” by politicians and Presstitutes) is that to stay COVID-safe, a jab each year will be required. 

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