It’s all the news! Despite zero-COVID policy lockdowns and an 80 percent vaccination rate, Hong Kong is experiencing its worst COVID-19 outbreak since the start of the pandemic with some 50 percent of its 7.6 million people infected with the virus.
Researchers at the University of Hong Kong found that 3.6 million residents in the city have come down with the virus since the outbreak, which represents five times the official number that has been publicly released, The New York Times reported.
Some 97 percent of the city’s total number of cases have been tied to its current wave. The city’s been hit with 5,401 COVID deaths within the last few weeks, and in total, more than China’s 4,636 recorded fatalities since the start of the outbreak. The Times reported that health officials believe at least another 5,100 could die by 1 May. 
TRENDPOST: Stay stupid, spread fear, don’t report the facts… is the constant COVID War narrative.
Totally absent ANY of the mainstream media reporting and not a word from “health officials,” are the hard facts: There have been some 5,400 COVID deaths in the last two years out of 7.6 million people, which is a 0.071 percent death rate. And over the course of 24 months, it equals the grand total of 0.00296 percent deaths per month.
Mass Maskaside
“Newly reported deaths in Hong Kong are now essentially 4x higher than they’ve ever been in the U.S., despite 98 percent mask compliance and repeated “expert” assertions that universal masking there was controlling COVID,” one commenter posted on Twitter.
The Trends Journal has reported on the recent outbreak in Hong Kong and the great lengths Beijing has gone to stop the spread. (See “HONG KONG CRACKDOWN” and “HERE WE GO AGAIN: CHINA RAMPS UP COVID WAR AS KEY CITIES SHUT DOWN.”)
Hong Kong last week reported higher COVID mortality than any other country with more than one million residents since the beginning of the pandemic, Martin Kulldorff, an epidemiologist, tweeted.
Stand With Hong Kong, an advocacy group, said the city’s government used COVID-19 as an “excuse” to bar “all forms of protests.”
“After silencing the people, they enacted National Security Law, shut down newspapers and civil orgs, and arrested the opposition,” the group tweeted. “HK now has the highest COVID death rate in the world, ever.”
TREND FORECAST: Already imposing some of the strictest COVID mandates on the planet, Hong Kong’s government only permits two people to get together, schools and most venues are shut down and people must wear masks at all times… indoors and outside. 
As with Italy and other nation’s draconian lockdowns, must wear masks, must get jabbed, must social distance, must scrub surfaces and other mandates, by the numbers, they do not work.
And long absent from the mainstream press reporting, is Sweden’s success in fighting the virus without taking similar measures.
NEVER, EVER in the 2 year COVID War has there been a mention in the media or by politicians for people to get healthy, fit and build up immune systems and/or take vitamins and supplements to help fight the virus. 
Indeed, such measures would be banned in the U.S.S.A. or other “Democracies,” by governments and the social media oligarchs. 
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