If the worst ever happens and you are in a situation where one or more criminal monsters forcefully enter your home and target you and possibly your family, there is only one way to ensure your survival: meet the invader(s) with deadly force.
Question: “Wouldn’t it be preferable to try to either chase them away or hold them at gunpoint for the police before resorting to deadly force?”
Answer: “No.”
Any experienced street patrol officer or detective will tell you that the most dangerous kind of criminal is the violent intruder who breaks into a dwelling when the occupants are at home. This kind of predator will kill you if you give him the chance. He must absolutely be assumed to be armed, and he must absolutely be assumed to be a deadly threat.
Let me be 100% clear about this. I am not talking about someone attempting to steal your car from in front of your house. Nor am I talking about someone who is merely on your property, trespassing. I am not even talking about someone who is prowling menacingly around your home or who is pounding, kicking, or slamming his body against your door or outside your home in the act of breaking your window.
I am saying that when you are inside your home and one or more felons breaks in the front door and enters or comes into your home through a window, the reaction you should have is that of employing deadly force to save your life and the lives of any family members who may be there with you. This means, whenever possible, the use of firearms. Failing that, a clubbing implement or a knife may have to do; but because these latter two options are so offensively inadequate for many people and any situation when facing an invader who possesses a gun, I am not going to discuss their use right now. May God help you if that’s all you have with which to resist.
The scenario I am assuming now is very simple and direct. You are at home. You are alone or with family. You are awake, aware, alert and you suddenly become cognizant of someone attempting to physically break into your home. Here is the procedure:
Grab your loaded 12-gauge shotgun or your handgun and grab your phone while getting into a position where – on his actual entry into your home – you will be able to shoot the invader. Prepare to shoot him, but do not fire until or unless he physically enters your home.
While remaining ready to fire, call (or have a family member call) 911. When they answer, say your address loud and clearly, then:
“Someone is breaking into my home, send the police!”
You will be told to remain on the line, which you should do. Tell the dispatcher, “I have a gun.” The dispatcher will advise the responding officers that the “homeowner is armed.”
Remember that the police do not know you and have no possible way of knowing who the bad guy is or who the good guy is. You must face them UNARMED, with both hands OPEN and RAISED. Expect to be prone out and possibly handcuffed. Just do what they tell you. Don’t stupidly open your mouth to protest or “explain.” Answer their questions, but no matter what, DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY COMMAND YOU TO DO!
Returning to the break-in. If the invader enters your home, shoot him. Don’t play cop. Don’t order him to freeze. Don’t try to keep him covered. Once violent, forcible entry has been made and the invader is right there confronting you and your family, shoot him. It’s now you or him, and you have no way of knowing if he will try to disarm you; go for a weapon of his own (if he doesn’t already have one in his hand); or bluff, feign surrender, and then attack you – possibly holding a loved one hostage to secure his escape, etc.
You don’t know how desperate, how crazy, how determined, how capable, how experienced, how drugged, how much under the influence of liquor or you-name-it this SOB may be. You take no chances once he is physically present in your midst and posing a direct deadly menace to you and yours.
Suppose you are in bed upstairs and you hear glass shatter or a door being forced and you become aware of an invader? Do not go looking for him. Grab your weapon and remain in your bedroom. Racking the slide of a 12-gauge might send him running… but you may have a pistol, and he may not give a damn if you do rack the slide!
Do not try to save property. Let the bastard grab stuff and run. If he does, fine. You should now be on a bedside phone calling 911 as you position yourself in whatever concealed position permits, ready to shoot if necessary. It will be necessary if the invader comes up the stairs and after you. Then, as he enters your bedroom, SHOOT HIM.
Prepare to meet the arriving police officers as before.
Like it or not, I just told you how to handle a violent home invasion. There is no sanitized, perfumed, and “nice” way to do this. The home invader is responsible for the fate he suffers at his victims’ hands.  No one is forced to break into other people’s homes.
One final piece of advice. Concerning the possibility of you arriving home and finding your door ajar or a window smashed – evidence that a break-in has occurred – one or more scumbags may be still inside your home.
Some gun schools idiotically teach those who train there to conduct “house clearance drills.” In my opinion, such “schools” should be closed down and their “teachers” should be arrested for training the students to die!
It takes a carefully trained, body-armored TEAM of law enforcement officers to clear a house. One person cannot do it and should NOT make the attempt. 
If you ever should arrive home and see evidence of an invasion, call the police! GET THE HELL AWAY  FROM THERE PRONTO, AND LET A SWAT TEAM HANDLE THINGS FROM THERE.
I mention this last because a friend once told me he saw an ad for a “shooting school” where clearing one’s home was taught. Even if you have a shotgun or handgun in hand, do not do it! This is a task to be handled by professionals.

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