Businesses are finding it challenging to fill open positions due, in part, to the federal government stimulus programs and the lack of skilled workers applying for positions, according to a report.
According to ZeroHedge, there are about 100 million Americans who are not in the labor force. Of them, 94 million are not interested in gaining employment.
The website reported, “Trillions in Biden stimulus are now incentivizing potential workers not to seek gainful employment, but to sit back and collect the next stimmy check for doing absolutely nothing in what is becoming the world’s greatest ‘under the radar’ experiment in Universal Basic Income.”
MoneyWise reported that the Biden administration is facing mounting pressure to deliver a fourth stimulus payment to millions of Americans, with some calling for cash payments until the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided. The report said about 20 Democrats sent the president a letter calling for some kind of recurring relief payments to be added to his infrastructure package.
The senators wrote, “Families shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’ll have enough money to pay for essentials in the months ahead as the country continues to fight a global pandemic.”
Mark Butler, the Georgia Department of Labor Commissioner, told a local station, “In a lot of cases, you can see somebody making twice as much on unemployment. And also, in some other cases, we’ve seen people actually triple or quadruple, especially people who do say seasonal jobs.” 
The NFIB, which advocates for small businesses, reported that 91 percent of small businesses had few or no qualified applicants for jobs over the past three months. The ZeroHedge report also said that the number of people quitting their jobs hit 2.3 percent, which is nearly the record dating back to 2001.
“Small business owners are competing with the pandemic and increased unemployment benefits that are keeping some workers out of the labor force,” Bill Dunkelberg, the NFIB chief economist, said.
TRENDPOST: With over ten million Americans officially labeled unemployed and businesses unable to fill job openings, the fears of the Great Reset, where the government pays the people to do nothing, has become a reality.
That there are millions of job openings while there are ten million unemployed who won’t go back to work because the government is giving them more free money each week than they would get if they went back to work in unprecedented in American history.
Indeed, the United States, once admired as the capitalism champion of the world, has devolved into the United Soviet States of America, where the citizens have become subjects of the state.

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