It’s a global crisis.
Its debilitating, toxic effects leave no country, no corner of the world unscathed. It fits the definition of an addiction and an epidemic… it’s the world’s addiction to hi-tech.
And it will worsen as each generation knows no other life and overindulges on their electronic devices.
Like pre-Baby Boomers were addicted to cigarettes, most smartphone and online addicts will ignore facts when presented and continue harming themselves to feed their addiction.
Smoking and wireless tech have in common that industry and government had foreknowledge of the deadly consequences yet assured public safety.  The similarity, however, ends there.
With substances, physical “exposure” is confined to the user, and substances generally don’t threaten the planet.
Cell towers and smartphones, however, irradiate everything within range, most 24/7, ecosystems included. Effects accumulate insidiously over time to provoke serious illness. Increasingly, people are showing early, outward signs, from mild to intolerable.
And “5G” isn’t even here yet.
A significant international movement is afoot to “Stop 5G.”
Several cities in the U.S., such as Santa Rosa, have taken measures to stop it. There are also movements in Brussels and Poland to hold off on 5G until more data regarding its possible negative health effects is provided.
While opponents claim the new 5G hasn’t yet been safely tested, its frequencies are included in the overall microwave range tested for marketing 2G-4G. That “testing,” however, is considered by many experts in the field as being fraudulent. Thus, no telecom/WiFi signaling has been properly tested to meet high scientific standards.
T-Mobile and Verizon plan to rollout 5G nationwide.
We forecast that governments will force acceptance of 5G millimeter wave on the public despite health concerns. Court actions will ensue, and findings will expose what opponents claim are lies and scientific fraud that allowed the marketing of wireless technology originally.
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