Global Presstitutes, media whores who put out for their corporate pimps and government whore masters have told the general public not to think for themselves and only swallow the crap that they are selling when it comes to the Ukraine War.
We have detailed the outright propaganda how with their words, they demean the public’s intelligence by taking away the burden from their readers from having to do any learning on their own to form an opinion about the crisis unfolding in Ukraine. 
Indeed, as detailed, numerous news sites have distilled the information and wrapped it up nicely in a “Here’s What You Need To Know” story. 
It’s worth noting that in some of these cases—the reporters writing the summary likely could not point to Ukraine on a map a week ago. The reason these outlets used the phrase is likely due to an algorithm for Search Engine Optimization so these stories attract more views from people Googling the conflict… or they are in bed, screwing for their government whore masters.  
The Trends Journal compiled a list of some news outlets that ran the headline:

  • Reuters:“Ukraine and Russia: What You Need to Know” 
  • Inquirer.net: “Ukraine and Russia: What You Need to Know Right Now”
    • Time: “What You Need to Know About the Escalating Ukraine-Russia Crisis”
    • Vox:Everything You Need To Know About the 2014 Ukraine Crisis”
  • DW: “Russia Invades Ukraine: What You Need to Know”
    • India TODAY: “Russia Declares War on Ukraine: All You Need To Know”
  • CNN: “The Sun is Rising in Kyiv. Here’s What You Need to Know”
  • CNBC: “Why is There Conflict in Ukraine and What is Putin’s Endgame? Here’s What You Need to Know”
    • CBS News: “What You Need to Know About the Russia-Ukraine Conflict as Invasion Beings”
    • WAVY.com: “What Virginians Should Know About Russia’s Invasion”
    • BBC: “Ukraine Conflict: What We Know About the Invasion”
    • Annenberg Media: “What You Need To Know About the Russia-Ukraine Conflict”
    • New York Times: “The Ukraine Crisis: What to Know About Why Russia Attacked”
    • The Today Show: “Russia has Invaded Ukraine; What to Know the Attack”
    • The Heritage Foundation: “Here’s What Americans Need to Know About Ukraine”
  • ABC (Australia): “Russia Has Invaded Ukraine. Here’s What You Need to Know”
    • The Hill: 5 Things to Know as Russia Presses into Ukraine
  • Seeking Alpha: “Ukraine War Market Impact: Everything You Need to Know”
  • AP: “Russia-Ukraine: What to Know as Russia Attacks Ukraine”
  • NDTV: “Here’s What You Need to Know About the Ukraine Crisis Right Now”
  • The Boston Globe: “Here’s What You need to Know About the Russia-Ukraine Situation”
  • ABC News: “Russia-Ukraine: What to Know as Explosions Boom Over Ukraine”
  • LA Times: “What You Need to Know About Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine”
  • Katie Couric Media: “What You Need to Know About Ukraine’s Refugee Crisis”
  • Global News: “Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Here’s Everything You Need to Know and Who’s Involved”

TRENDPOST: Here it is, in fact and in detail: “Everything You Need to Know,” is only what they tell you to know as they sell fear, lies and hysteria… similar to the “Most trusted name in news” bullshit spewed out by CNN, the Cartoon News Network. (See, in this Trends Journal, “PRESSTITUTES AND POLITICIANS PLAY FOR THE SAME TEAM. WAKE UP KIDDIES.”)

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