Freedom of religion has been assaulted in New York City. The taxpayers must do what they are told by Mayor Warren Wilhelm, Jr., a political clown who changed his name to Bill de Blasio to get the Italian-American vote. 
The same imbecile who locked down what was once called “The City that never sleeps” to “flatten the curve” nearly two years ago, the mayor now claims in order to do “everything in our power to protect our students and school staff,” and to “help keep our school communities and youngest New Yorkers safe,” there will be no exemptions for private or religious schools from his must-get-jabbed COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 
Another member of the arrogant political club who has sucked off the public tit his entire life and never had a real job, Wilhelm joins a long list of power hungry politicians who disdain and disregard the First Amendment of the Constitution which declared that freedom of religion is an essential and natural right. 
Heil Wilhelm
The dictator’s dictate affects some 930 schools and 56,000 employees, requiring them to prove they’d received their first dose by 20 December. The mandate was already receiving 95 percent compliance from public school teachers and other employees of the city’s Department of Education. 
Catholic and Jewish leaders immediately sent Mayor de Blasio a letter expressing opposition, saying that “government should be using its bully pulpit to persuade, not its regulatory arm to coerce.” The letter said that such a mandate could be “devastating” to the schools and the children served if it resulted in unvaccinated teachers losing their jobs in the middle of the school year.
How the city will enforce the mandate for private and religious schools remains unclear; enforcement will probably fall to the next administration, led by Mayor-Elect Eric Adams, who takes office on 1 January. 
The New York Times noted that some ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods have some of the lowest vaccination rates in the city, with 51 to 59 percent of residents having received one dose, compared with about 77 percent of New Yorkers overall. 
The article cites concerns among ultra-Orthodox Jewish women about fertility and pregnancy; the article states that “there is no evidence” that COVID-19 vaccines cause fertility problems, and it cites the recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that pregnant women should be vaccinated.  
TRENDPOST: Contrary to CDC data, see; “VACCINE MISCARRIAGES DRAW SCRUTINY” (9 Mar 2021) and “CONFLICTING ADVICE, MORE REVERSALS” (2 Feb 2021). Consider also that, while the communities cited may have experienced surges in the number of COVID cases in the past, their residents are not filling up the hospitals nor the morgues. 
And the very notion of “protecting the children” has been repeatedly addressed by Trends Journal; see, for example, our 17 November 2020 articles:

TRENDPOST: While the Times notes the reluctance of these people to get the COVID Jab, they do not report on what the COVID death rate among the community is, and if more of them have died from the virus. 
TREND UPDATE: Yesterday, Wilhelm, Jr. the outgoing psychopath-in-charge, declared a vaccine mandate for all private businesses in New York City as of 27 December… not the 26th or 28th because his “science” proves it should be the 27th.
He did this despite the Biden administration being forced to cancel its mandate to force all businesses with 100 or more employees to get the COVID Jab, because of its illegality. 
And, the “mayor” also decreed that children ages 5-11 must be vaxxed or else they are banned from indoor dining at restaurants, cinemas and other venues. 
Why the new mayoral decrees? Because there are eight…yes, the grand total of eight cases among the 20 million New York State residents of the Omicron virus. No deaths, just cases. And as we have quoted the African Health Ministry which first detected the virus, the symptoms are shown to be between mild to moderate. 

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