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KINGSTON, N.Y. (Dec. 9, 2014) – Global forecaster Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute today released a special digital edition of the Trends Journal dedicated to the institute’s forecast of the Top Trends for 2015. Featuring analyses by Celente, economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, business journalist Nomi Prins, science writer Bennett Davis and other experts, the special edition explores nine dynamic trend lines that will have far-reaching bottom line impact and will affect quality of life in 2015.

Media can access the edition by clicking here.

This special digital edition is published in addition to the regular print/digital winter magazine, which will be released in January. “As my analysts and I developed our 2015 forecast, we came to believe many of these trend lines will hit hard and fast as the new year unfolds,” said Celente. “We wanted to provide an early look at the enormous risks and opportunities ahead. With more analysts at the table this year, our forecasts encompass subjects and emerging trend lines you won’t read about anywhere else.”

The institute’s forecasts for 2015 were unveiled during a day-long conference at its 1774 Academy building in Kingston, N.Y. on Saturday, Dec. 6. The event was videotaped, and will be made available on Dec. 10.

“This was the first time we presented our Top Trends in front of a live audience,” said Derek Osenenko, the institute’s chief executive officer. “It was a huge success. Feedback from a lively, insightful group helped add depth and context to our forecasts.”

The top trends for 2015, with links to the stories, are:

Introduction from Gerald Celente
The Grand Manipulation
Price Wars
Dominant Energy
Selfie Journalism
Artful Aging
War Weary

The quarterly Trends Journal, available in both print and digital formats, provides trends analysis and forecasts across a wide range of topics. It is produced by Gerald Celente’s Kingston, NY-based Trends Research Institute’s team of analysts. In addition to the magazine, the institute also publishes Trends Monthly, provides multimedia content for subscribers at trendsresearch.com, and offers services for organizations and industries, including consulting, customized trend forecasting, keynote addresses and conferences at the institute’s facilities.

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