The major global news story remains the tensions in the Middle East following Houthi drone strikes on Saudi Arabia’s oil processing facility, the world’s largest, and its oil field, which knocked out half of Saudi’s production. 

The Houthis in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack.

They said it’s in retaliation against Saudi Arabia who launched war against them in March 2015.

Payback’s a Bitch

As a Houthi military spokesperson stated, “If you want peace and security for your facilities, and towers made of glass that cannot withstand one drone, then leave Yemen alone.”

The Saudi-led invasion has killed an estimated 100,000 Yemenis; 14 million are on the verge of starvation, and more than 2,000 new cases of cholera are reported every day of which 25 percent are children under five years old. 

The UN says Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet.

The Saudi war on Yemen has been solidly backed by the Obama and Trump administrations, which have sold the Saudis $100 of billions in military hardware, along with the UK and France… whose military industrial complexes are reaping financial rewards by creating this human disaster. 

And who does Washington say is responsible for this human tragedy?

Don’t blame the Saudis who launched the war.

Not the US/UK/France who sold the weapons that have caused mass destruction.

Tune into the mainstream western news. 

It’s the Iranians, stupid!

Yet, as we have been stating emphatically in the Trends Journal, neither the U.S. nor its Saudi partners have presented any proof that the drone attack came from Iran.

And despite the Houthi’s categorically stating they launched the attack, it’s barely reported and dismissed.

Indeed, when President Trump was asked whether Iran was behind the strikes, his answer was “It’s looking that way,” yet admitted he couldn’t confirm it. 

The previous weekend, American officials, led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, made direct accusations that Iran was behind the attack and provided aerial maps which independent experts said were not conclusive.  

Jeffrey, Lewis, Director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program, stated that evidence backing up the direction of the missiles and drones hasn’t been conclusive.

He pointed out that drones can loiter and fly in circles, and the photos of the Saudi facilities struck by missiles didn’t show the direction of the strikes.

But U.S. officials continued to issue statements to the media blaming Iran, and the mainstream media Presstitutes keep selling what their Washington pimps tell them to.  

And it doesn’t stop. The top news story on Yahoo! News on 23 September blared the headline: “Why Did Iran Attack Saudi Arabia’s Oil Industry?”

Yet, the article did not provide one shred of empirical proof that Iran attacked the Saudi oil industry.

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