Harley Davidson reported its 2019 sales were 4.3 percent below sales in 2018. The decline was 5.3 percent in the U.S., the motorcycle company’s biggest market.
The drop in sales is due in part to Baby Boomers aging out of the market and younger consumers having less interest in recreational vehicles.
Harley’s share prices dropped 4.3 percent after it announced fourth-quarter revenues of $874 million; analysts expected to see $922 million.
The bike maker has created a Learn-to-Ride program to attract new customers, and they are launching a line of smaller cycles for specialized markets, such as China.
TREND FORECAST: The decline in Harley sales abroad has long been blamed on “trade wars.” However, as we had forecast, Harley is a dying brand that appealed to a dying generation of Baby Boomers.
And they are hardly alone. Unless businesses change with the times and proact to emerging trends – from fashion to food, heavy industry to hi-tech – they will die in time like five-and-dime stores.
The stark reality is unsuccessful businesses lack trend forecasting operations and are blinded by the future. 

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