Thumbs Up and Down on MSM

A newly released survey by Gallup and the Knight Foundation revealed that 50 percent of those polled said they believe journalists from mainstream news outlets purposely deceive the public and even more disagreed with the comment that national news outlets “care about the best interests of their readers, viewers, and listeners.”

The survey was conducted from 31 May to 21 July and included 5,593 American adults. Just 23 percent of those polled said they believed journalists were acting in their best interests. Americans had more faith in local news reporting, the survey said. 

“Americans don’t seem to think that the national news organizations care about the overall impact of their reporting on the society,” John Sands, Knight’s senior director for media and democracy, said, according to the Associated Press report.

TRENDPOST: The coverage of the Ukraine War is just the latest example of how the news media in the U.S. is nothing more than the propaganda wing for the political party of their choice. (See: “RUSSIANS TAKE SOLEDAR, BUT WESTERN MEDIA SAYS NO BIG DEAL” 31 Jan 2023, “PROPAGANDA MEDIA TWISTS MEDVEDEV’S NUKE COMMENT TO STOKE FEAR, ANTI-RUSSIAN HATRED” 24 Jan 2023, and “ELON MUSK CALLED A ‘GEOPOLITICAL CHAOS AGENT’ FOR REFUSING TO SWALLOW THE CORPORATE MEDIA BULLSHIT” 1 Nov 2022). 

The New York Times, aka The Toilet Paper of Record, ran a report last week on how Russian forces failed miserably in the city of Vuhledar, a city in the Donetsk Oblast. The city is seen as a Ukrainian stronghold. The paper said the fight there left two Russian brigades “in tatters” and “raised questions about Russia’s military tactics and renewed doubts about its ability to maintain sustained, large-scale ground assaults.”

The story was written in Kyiv, so it relied on accounts from Ukrainian and Western officials, Ukrainian soldiers, “captured Russian soldiers and Russian military bloggers.” The paper also cited satellite images that “paint a picture of a faltering Russian campaign that continues to be plagued by battlefield dysfunction.”

Reporting on a conflict from hundreds of miles away and relying on these sources is the equivalent of reporting on a New York City crime wave from Moscow. 

Moreover, the American media did not continuously–day after day–report on the United States Iraq/Afghan war disasters and “battlefield dysfunction.”


Just before the Ukraine war, when the COVID-19 outbreak was making headlines to sell newspapers, reporters took on the role of Pfizer media reps and disparaged anyone who questioned the wisdom of lockdowns, mask-wearing, and taking an experimental vaccine. (See “COMEDY CLASSIC: PRESSTITUTES AND POLITICIANS WHO PUSH THE COVID JAB, GET COVID” 10 May 2022.)

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