Greg Hunter debate

By far the best broadcast yet. I think highly of both yourself and Greg Hunter. I just wish this type of debate was possible on a big network. But no they white wash everything to the point the average American and Canadian just turn the channel to some stupid reality show. Most people do not know the history. Sadly the majority of
people in the US and Canada have no clue what is going on in the rest of the world. Even worse is the fact they will be forced to realize what has occurred, most likely when it is too late. Keep up the great work. Think for yourself and learn the facts is the best advise you give. I struggle to watch the Trends in the News as it just breaks my heart to see so many people being slaughtered for nothing. Kids, adults I don’t care this has to stop. Sadly we know it will not stop, there is no leadership or anyone who will try and stop this run away train of murder. I just keep trying to get the news out to as many as possible. My kids early 20’s know 10 times more about world events than the average person my age 55. Truly Sad. Thanks again I really appreciate your work.

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