They have to destroy the environment to save it.

It’s one of those oh so inconvenient truths of the “green reset,” where the latest news is that Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other mega billionaires are funding rare earth projects in Greenland.

Greenland, due to its formidably harsh climate and terrain, represents one of the most naturally unspoiled regions of the world.

CNN recently reported (according to that the search is now on for natural resources which are crucial to battery-making and other uses associated with supposed technology like EVs (Electric Vehicles) and solar energy systems.

“We are looking for a deposit that will be the first- or second-largest most significant nickel and cobalt deposit in the world,” Kurt House, CEO of Kobold Metals, commented about the exploration. 

Kobold Metals, a mineral exploration startup based in California, is directly funded by Gates, Bezos, and Michael Bloomberg.

All three have been major proselytizers for supposed low-carbon emissions “green” technologies.

But they are hardly financially disinterested, selflessly seeking to save the earth.  All three are heavily invested in technologies that seek to displace current oil and gas energy industry uses.

At the same time, they are, via NGOs (Non Government Organizations), as well as more direct funding to politicians, influencing laws and regulations that force the phasing in of the technologies from which they stand to profit.

The corruptly mislabeled “Inflation Reduction Act” just passed by Democrats and backed by the Biden administration, contains a bonanza of taxpayer subsidies for “green” technology companies.

It also has onerous provisions designed to suppress gas and oil production and use.

Rigging The Game, Raping The World

The bill is yet another spigot of money to tycoons like Gates and Bloomberg, who long ago learned the game of controlling the political process and media portrayals of issues, in order to rig the game to benefit their investment portfolios.

Those elites profited obscenely off the massive destruction of the COVID War, as their pharmaceutical, internet and media organs and investments reaped in cash at the expense of small business, and the health and lives of average people.

Now, as protests break out in Bangladesh over crushing rises in energy prices, and as farmers from Canada to Europe to Sri Lanka continue to sound the alarm that new energy regulation phase-ins are phasing them out, those same self-enriching masters of the universe are having their way again.

Greenland will feel the environmental impact from the ugly process of rare earth mining, which must sift through endless tons of earth to find relatively tiny amounts of materials crucial to currently very immature green technologies.

Batteries that power EVs for example, are massive compared to, say solar generator systems used by people living out of their RVs, or who want a power back up for their homes.

The efficiency and abilities of EVs are being vastly oversold to the public. To illustrate, MotoTrend magazine recently tested the capabilities of EV trucks and found the claims made about them to be wildly exaggerated.

Companies lying about EV benefits are not being held to account, though, because “politically correct” green technology gets a pass when it comes to truth in advertising.

As people are forced to adopt immature technologies that can’t compete in the market based on their actual efficiencies and benefits, perversities and hardships are the inevitable outcome.

It’s already happening, and the further phasing in of “Agenda 2030” regulations, will only lead to more pain and deprivation, especially in regions of the world that can least afford the propagandized “benefits” of green technologies.

To add insult to injury, the Green Energy Tycoons profiting from the growing misery, will make sure that their media puppets portray them as heroic champions of minorities in developed countries, and nations that make up the third world, who would otherwise be disproportionately impacted by “climate change.”

The technocratic overlords have mastered the art of having their cake and eating it too. And as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and other elites stuff themselves at the trough of their green energy scams, much of the rest of the world may literally starve.

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