Gratitude for Gerald’s work – And ZiZi too

Gerald, I am writing to share with you my gratitude for all that you do! I recently renewed my annual subscription (five years now) and treated myself and bought your book “What Zizi gave Honeyboy.” An absolute wonderful story of life and how it should be lived. I too grew up in an Italian home from the old school. My grandparents owned a deli and Sundays were always full of laughter, food, love, and vino (and a few arguments)! I am always amazed on your insight of the human spirit. So much has been lost in this multi-tasking world. People today are more as you say “Working slaves” than Americans. I speak with everyone that I see, young & old, and share with them some history and insight of our financial ‘Cu de Etat’ situation; it is all very sad to witness. There is a lot of God and spirit filled movies on the big screen today. Maybe that will help! People are starting to wake up to everything around them. Looking to live, love, and be happy. God Bless, Paul P.S. Keep on just keeping on!

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