By Joe Doran

The Trends Journal has featured numerous stories noting how government authorities and pharmaceuticals attempted to discourage Americans from using cheap medications and proven natural supplements to improve their health and immune systems, throughout the COVID War.

Vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) and methylated B vitamins joined cheap drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in being discouraged or even banned from therapeutic use or immune system health.

As we noted in “MELATONIN AND METHYL B12 ON FDA HIT LIST?” (22 Jun 2021), the government has considered banning or restricting common supplements. 

NAC, which supports glutathione production, made the government’s hitlist, and was so targeted that Amazon actually banned its sale for a period of time.

With that in mind, we thought TJ readers would be interested in learning about the pioneering work of Dr. Albert Crum regarding Glutathione, which has been termed a “master antioxidant” of the human body.

Dr. Crum happens to reside in the Hudson Valley area, the home base of Gerald Celente, who himself has long been an advocate of natural health practices, including contributing to the 1988 book Natural Healing by Jack Soltanoff.

—Joe Doran

The Northern Dutchess and Southern Columbia corridor is rightly known as one of the most beautiful regions of the Hudson Valley, and the world.

But might it also be recognized one day for spreading the word about a one-of-a-kind natural immune system nutrition booster and glutathione precursor that supports many health conditions? 

It will if Joseph V Cassarino has anything to say about it.

ProImmune® – Immune Formulation 200®, is a patent-pending dietary supplement that Joseph understands can make a difference in improving the health of just about anyone. 

The story of how this longtime entrepreneur came to be involved with the scientist and medical doctor who researched and developed the supplement, is an interesting one, indeed.

A Master Antioxidant, And A Happy Accident

When Joseph met Dr. Albert Crum (M.D. MS, D.Sci-Hon) in Rhinebeck, NY several years ago, he was intrigued by the man and his professional work, and Dr. Crum was impressed with Joseph’s business accomplishments and knowledge of the sciences. A friendship and professional relationship formed. 

Dr. Crum, who earned a degree from Harvard Medical School, had gained renown both for his biochemistry research and a concern for humanity. He was awarded a Harvard Medical Student Research Fellowship and merited Honor grades for his research, and holds a Master of Science degree from New York University, and a Doctor of Science (Hon.) degree from the University of Redlands (CA).

Dr. Crum has been called into counsel or Audiences with Pope John Paul II, now Pope Saint John Paul II, with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and many other world leaders. In 1974, Dr. Crum, a nonsectarian, was awarded the Pope John XXIII (now Pope Saint John XXIII) Gold Medal with a sacred embedded Relic of Pope Saint John XXIII. He served as co-Chair of the U.S. Coordinating Committee Supporting the Nomination of His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV of Tibet for the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Crum is also a 2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

“Dr. Crum made his groundbreaking scientific discovery over many years of laboratory research,” says Joseph. “ProImmune is a scientific formula that he worked on to discover glutathione synthesis, and Dr. Crum’s motivation was that he always felt that there should be a way, where the [human] cell could make its own glutathione exactly as nature intended.”

Joseph, an avid practitioner of a healthy life-style had never heard of glutathione.

“The bottom line is, the average person has no awareness of glutathione. I didn’t, before I met Dr. Crum four years ago. I’m 65 years old. I’m a health oriented person. I eat, breathe and live a certain lifestyle. I exercise every day. I’m in nature every day. I do yoga, I do Qigong (a part of traditional Chinese medicine that involves exercises to optimize energy within the body). I drink healthful green juices in the morning, and salads for lunch. Mostly! Occasional junk food? Of course. But I’m a very health oriented person. 

“I am in nature-hugging trees often to connect to the ions and the energy of the earth. You know, all of this health oriented stuff. But I did not know how important glutathione is, or what it is. I am discovering that most people do not know what glutathione is or how toxins and stress inside the cells called oxidative stress, cause cells to decay or die, and that glutathione is the peptide that helps the body reduce decay.”

Joseph learned that glutathione is so important to the body and immune system and general health, that it is referred to as the “master antioxidant.” And Dr. Crum, funded in part by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was on the cutting edge of glutathione research. 

Dr. Crum eventually discovered a crucial combination of natural precursor nutrients that could help the body manufacture optimum amounts of glutathione at the cellular level. That discovery resulted in ProImmune Immune Formulation 200®

Learning about Dr. Crum’s work was a game changer for Joseph. But the friendship that developed was also fortuitous for the innovative researcher.

Joseph had a lifetime’s worth of experience as an entrepreneur. He created successful businesses including a tri-state photography company, a cellular communications startup and a casino game design company, as well as venturing into real estate development. 

“In the early 90’s, after hiring a Doctor of Telephony, I designed and created the first wireless mobile emergency communicator,” says Joseph. “What I did is, I piggybacked off of a national, wireless data company. So, I had a national grid and I paid them a penny per pack of data.”

The handheld product could be used to type a message which went to an emergency command center, which then could call first responders or a home phone number, if needed. The company Joseph founded was eventually sold to Blackberry.

Dr. Crum enlisted Joseph to assist with the licensing division as a business consultant, and he was later selected to obtain global distribution rights of ProImmune.

Perhaps as importantly, Joseph began using it himself.

Personal Experience with a Revolutionary Product

Joseph credits ProImmune with taking his already pretty rigorous health and fitness lifestyle to another level. When he came down with COVID, he was able to avoid a hospital visit, and fight off the virus without much trouble. 

“I never even walked into a hospital and I am 65 years old. I attribute that to a very strong immune system. And that’s what ProImmune does. ProImmune builds the immune system. Why? Because it’s reducing the oxidative stress, it’s reducing the free radicals. It’s reducing the toxins. I take it. My wife takes it. My family and friends take it. So, I have personal experience with it.

“My brother-in-law gave it to his 80-year-old father, and his father experienced significant improvements. So as far as experience, I can personally vouch for it, because I know it works.”

While there are products out there that support glutathione production, such as NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine, an artificial glutathione precursor), according to the research and scientific reports, they do not allow for optimum natural glutathione levels and immune system benefits, says Joseph.

“The reason Dr. Crum’s product works, is his discovery that it’s best when the body can make its own glutathione. By making the glutathione inside the cell, and only as much glutathione as the cell needs to reduce the toxins and the oxidative stress, discharging what it doesn’t need, it actually is the most efficient and effective implementation, over any method of glutathione supplementation, and I learned this by sitting in the meetings with Dr. Crum’s legal rep.”

A New Mission to Spread Immune Health From Rhinebeck To The World

Having experienced the benefits of a special and innovative health product, Joseph was honored when Dr. Crum eventually tapped him to head marketing and distribution for ProImmune. 

Joseph says he’s finding fulfillment in leveraging his previous experiences building successful companies, on a project that can change people’s lives so dramatically for the better. 

He has developed an ecommerce website,, that was reviewed and approved by an FDA subject-matter expert for compliance. It provides clear information about the benefits of natural glutathione creation, and offers a streamlined purchasing experience and discounts.

“I put so much education concerning the product onto the website,” says Joseph. “There’s the science, the data, the links to the NIH health report that all prove the importance of what glutathione does and the science of what Dr. Crum’s discovery provides for optimal glutathione replenishment.” 

Joseph notes that although ProImmune is a proven product that has already sold in the millions of dollars, many people still haven’t heard of it. And that’s his mission.

“A lot of people are buying NAC or something else, because they’ve never heard that there’s a product that’s superior to NAC. The bottom line is, the average person has no awareness of glutathione. I didn’t, before I met Dr. Crum four years ago. I didn’t know how important glutathione is, or what it is.”

ProImmune® – Immune Formulation 200® will soon be available for purchase on Amazon. But Joseph notes his website is a great place to acquire ProImmune any time.

“For people to discover the product…to discover the benefits of glutathione, that’s the reason I’m doing this,” relates Joseph. “I’m doing this for outreach. I believe we’re all one, we’re all connected. And I feel it’s my purpose to expose the news to the public…to humanity…that there’s a product out there, that if you do the research and you understand what this particular precursor does, this particular product, everybody would be taking it.”

Of course, no single supplement, absent an overall commitment to a healthy lifestyle, can work miracles, Joseph acknowledges. But he knows from his own experience and research that when incorporated as part of an overall health regimen, ProImmune can make a crucial impact.

“You want to build your immune system? Start eating healthy. Start exercising. Get good rest. Turn off the TV. De-stress your life. Do some meditation. Do some yoga. Get into nature more often. Build your immune system. And guess what? You don’t get sick in the first place. And if you do, you’re going to combat it right away, because the cells become super powerhouses. 

“That’s why I’m passionate. Because I know what ProImmune does. I’ve sat with the top scientists in the world, at meetings with Dr. Crum’s colleagues. And they’re blown away by the science. So if the top scientists say this is the best thing out there, that’s why I came out of retirement. I’m 65 years old. I should be in the Bahamas right now but instead; I am helping introduce an amazing formula in order that people can discover an optimal way to improve overall health on levels that may seem to be too good to be true but are true!” 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author[s] and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Trends Journal.

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