Globonoic methodology

Gerald Celente designed and developed The Trends Research Institute’s Globalnomic® methodology to identify and define trends on a global and macro level and then target specific products, services and strategic opportunities according to client needs. Given sufficient time and resources, anyone can spot an existing trend. But to forecast future trends and translate them into profit requires a specialized collection methodology and unique interpretation techniques. Led by Gerald Celente, the 25 skilled experts that make up the Trend Research Institute’s interdisciplinary task force specialize in early detection of danger and opportunity within and across the socioeconomic and geopolitical landscape. The Trends Research Institute tracks, analyzes and synthesizes information from over 300 trend categories on a daily basis. “All things are connected, like the blood which unites us all.” —Chief Seattle The Trends Research Institute’s broad-based Globalnomic ® methodology is designed with the understanding that all things are connected: the arts, scientific and technological breakthroughs, religion, ecology, entertainment, fashion, social movements, consumer attitudes, business developments, health and medicine, agriculture/agribusiness, communications trends, etc. Making such connections between a disparate but interconnected fields produces a broad and comprehensive picture, which allows The Trends Research Institute to provide analyses and make forecasts that are not only factually based, but, insofar as possible, agenda free. Our 28-year track record demonstrates that we do this with a high degree of accuracy … no one does it better and most don’t do it all. (See Forecasts)

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