How inconvenient. 

The latest data from the National Weather Service (NOAA) says this globe called earth hasn’t been warming at all for the past eight years.

But despite that fact, several MSM outlets actually fact-checked the suggestion that an 8 year trend might be…well a trend.

Reuters published a piece on 3 February, warning that nasty social media misinformation types were reporting…the facts.  Reuter’s fretted, warned readers:

“However, climate experts from NASA and Berkeley Earth, an organization focused on environmental data science (, told Reuters that data from short periods of time showing cooling temperatures cannot be extrapolated to longer-term trends and do not prove that long-term global warming is a hoax. Moreover, they said, the warming effect of carbon emissions is cumulative and would not be expected to track with yearly fluctuations.”

The information, pointed out by climate warming skeptic Steve Milloy of and others, demonstrates via a graph how NOAA “Global Land and Ocean” temperature data from 2015 to 2022 show a warming trend stopped, despite a spike year in 2016. From that point, there have been yearly variations adding up to an average reduction of nearly one tenth of a degree Celsius throughout the decade. 

The NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information website posted the graph in January. 

Reuters failed to mention that one of its cited sources NOT refuting the factual claim of an 8-year overall cessation in global warming, Berkeley Earth, is an activist environmental group, by any fair reckoning.

Berkeley Earth’s mission statement, on their website homepage, states:


“Global warming is the defining environmental challenge of our time.  The need for quality, accessible scientific data about global warming could not be more urgent. Yet there are few independent sources of historic global temperature records, the foundation underlying all global warming analysis.”

The Trends Journal has been detailing the self-interested profit motives, ideological underpinnings, and political machinations of mega-billionaire fueled climate activism in an ongoing series of articles.

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