Gene reverses aging?

A gene with the unappealing name of “Nanog” may be the key to reversing aging. At the University of Buffalo, scientists have found a way to use the gene to kick-start dormant processes in cells that can prevent clogged arteries, brittle bones and other markers of old age.

Every part of our bodies holds adult stem cells, which leap into action to regenerate damaged bones and tissues. As we age, stem cells do too, leaving them less able – or sometimes unable – to do their jobs.

Introducing Nanog into cells taken from old tissues sparked a cascade of biochemical reactions that ultimately woke up the stem cells and put them back to work as effectively as in a younger body.

The researchers are beginning to research and design drugs that could mimic Nanog’s benefits.

TRENDPOST: The discovery of Nanog’s age-reversing properties opens a new path toward reversing osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and other age-related maladies, perhaps including Alzheimer’s disease. Ultimately, science may be able to control the rate at which we age at the cellular level.

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