Gassing America – Poisoning the Poor – 34 million 36 years – Federal Code

Gerald, because attempts were made to stop me from
testifying and exposing this crime in DC, I have
been left nearly blind, so I simply ask you to see
my already written findings of facts and
disclosure provided in my website (aka
htp:// or etc) based upon my
initial diagnosis and discovery recorded in and Even though
attempts were made to disable (or terminate me)I
succeeded in getting the US Government
Accountability Office and the CDC to investigate
and validate my facts (both reports are linked in
2nd paragraph). Another killing winter is upon us,
and still after 5 years Federal notice, no public
correction has been made! That’s deliberate
genocide by default! Someone you know or care
about can be affected. Please call me. Thanks
Thomas L Rodgers 801-298-9095

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