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As we have long noted, those who speak out for peace and hold and attend peace rallies, such as Gerald Celente, are blackballed and ridiculed by the “libtard” people and the press.

But Jake Sullivan, the warmonger White House’s national security adviser, is celebrated by the Presstitutes and his words of war are blasted across the media spectrum. In his visit to Denmark last weekend, the little clown boy Sullivan pressured countries that have not condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to fall into line and let Washington do the thinking for them.

The Financial Times, which first reported on the meeting, said it took place in Copenhagen at the request of Kyiv. The paper, citing people familiar with the issue, said representatives from India, Brazil, and South Africa attended. The meeting also included representatives from the EU. 

No Peace

Russia has said it will not agree to a peaceful resolution if it means it must hand over land it now controls. Ukraine said ceding land to Russia would be an unacceptable outcome. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia is open to “constructive dialogue” with anyone who “wants to establish peace on the principles of fairness and acknowledgment of the legitimate interests of the parties.”

TRENDPOST: It is worth noting that Victoria Nuland, the neocon Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs at the State Department, joined Sullivan in Copenhagen, so any report that “peace” was a top agenda item seems hard to believe. (See “WWIII: VICTORIA ‘F-CK THE EU’ NULAND ADMITS THAT THE U.S. HAS BEEN HELPING UKRAINE PLAN FOR COUNTEROFFENSIVE” 30 May 2023, “U.S. UNDER SEC. VICTORIA ‘FUCK THE EU’ NULAND CALLS CRIMEA A LEGITIMATE TARGET FOR UKRAINE, ANGERS KREMLIN” 21 Feb 2023, and “VICTORIA ‘FUCK THE EU’ NULAND WHO SPEARHEADED OVERTHROW OF DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE IN 2014, STILL IN POWER” 22 Feb 2022.)

The U.S. learned during the Ukraine War that—despite its full control over Western European countries—the Global South, Africa, and Asia are non-conforming and make decisions on their own self-interest. 

While the summit in Denmark mentioned a “peace summit,” there was no accompanying announcement that Ukraine is willing to bend on its demands and—given that Russia has, thus far, turned back Kyiv’s counteroffensive, there is no evidence that Moscow would bend on their demands.  

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