As we have continued to report, name the city, state, or nation – there are new rulebooks of Pandemic Behavior being made up as we go along by the rulers-in-charge.
Manila, Philippines: Restaurants are allowed to reopen – but only at 30 percent capacity. Restaurant owners must make sure all employees wear masks and have their temperature taken.
Making up their own social distancing rules, “Under the new normal, customers at a table must sit diagonally in order to observe physical distancing and the management should implement the ‘no mask, no entry’ policy.”
Like the other list of absurd and draconian regulations, customers are permitted to eat and drink with no mask but must put them back on when they stand.
To date, some 1,177 Philippines have died of the virus of a population of 109.6 million, or 0.00107 percent.
As with all the COVID Fear and Hysteria hype, never a mention of all the other ailments that are killing people around the world at much higher rates, such as air pollution, tuberculosis, smoking-related diseases, obesity, starvation, etc.
According to international aid agency Save the Children, which recently released a report titled “Lives Cut Short,” more than 85 children die in the Philippines every day from starvation.
London, U.K.: The government is pressuring West End theaters to ban singing when England’s “Broadway” district reopens. One of the world’s most successful show composers, Britain’s Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, displayed his ability for sarcasm when he said he was not impressed after speaking with government officials about rules for reopening including “one of which is a brilliant one for musicals, which is that you are not allowed to sing.”
Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-breaking show “The Phantom of the Opera” has been running in Seoul, South Korea with several hygiene practices in place. While theater goers’ temperatures are automatically taken by an infrared camera before entering, the seats are not socially-distanced apart, and, as Mr. Webber has tried to point out to London officials, there has been no indication that sitting in close proximity has caused any increase in spread of the virus.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a new video recommending that owners of dogs and cats keep their pets at a required six-foot social distance. The video states, “Though it doesn’t seem like animals can give you the virus, it appears you can give it to them. So, if you’re sick, avoid direct contact with your pets. If possible, have someone else care for them until you’re well again.”
Selling Fear, the American Veterinary Medical Association issued a warning that dogs, cats, and some other animals can be infected with coronaviruses, including COVID-19.
Their fear mongering is “based on the limited information available to date, the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is considered to be low.”
California: Gavin Newsom was the first governor to shut down the state’s economy. Now, movie theaters and gyms can reopen but with significant restrictions, and places of religious worship can only allow 25 percent capacity for any service or up to 100 people. Most of the state parks and campgrounds are still closed.
Governor Newsom is requiring all people to wear face masks in public because “simply put, we are seeing too many people with faces uncovered.”
There is good news, however: The Supreme Leader of CA is permitting restaurant customers to eat and drink without wearing masks… and children two years old and under are allowed, in the largest state in the “United Soviet States of Amerika,” to not have to wear a mask in public.
Ohio: Casinos are now open but are permitted no more than 50 percent capacity and no poker tables or live events are allowed.
At the “Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati,” all guests must have temperature checks before entering and must wear masks, thousands of slot machines will be turned off to help maintain social distancing, and plexiglass dividers will separate players at table games.
The National Football League Players Association issued a warning on Saturday against players training together during private workouts because some states have seen a rise in COVID-19 cases. (Note: according to WebMD, the recovery rate from the coronavirus is estimated to be between 97 to 99.75 percent)
TRENDPOST: One our Top Trends for 2020 was “New World Disorder.” We had been reporting in the Trends Journal the months-long street protests in 2019, with tens of millions taking to the streets to demonstrate against government corruption, violence, crime, and lack of decent living standards.
All that came to an abrupt halt when governments declared the COVID War and locked down their nations.
Health authorities (“government bureaucrats”) around the world legitimized the rhetoric of political leaders eager to shut down the protests, citing public health reasons.
As noted above, however, new testing data is revealing that there has been no evidence of a spike in virus contagion from mass gatherings.
For example, in U.S. cities where large protests took place after the police murder of George Floyd and demonstrators clearly broke the social distance orders, there wasn’t a sharp increase of virus cases.
In Minnesota, where Mr. Floyd was killed and large riots broke out, testing of those participating in demonstrations showed no indication it led to greater contagion.
“We’re delighted that we are not seeing a huge increase in cases,” noted Kris Ehresmann, director at the Minnesota Department of Health.
In New York City, the global epicenter of COVID-19 and site of massive protests over George Floyd’s death, the percentage of positive tests for the coronavirus has stayed below 3 percent since early June. Health authorities in Chicago and Seattle, scenes of large protests, have not reported any increase in COVID-19 cases.
It should also be noted that health authorities worldwide have been cautioning against group singing as it might spread the virus. Obviously, many of those protesting the murder of George Floyd were shouting loudly and frequently. And not all were wearing masks.
So, once again, what we are being told to do and why we should do it to fight the politicians’ COVID War not only makes no sense, but by the facts and data proves contradictory… yet the draconian rules are still imposed upon us.

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