Florida retreat for mind, body, spirit and trends!

The Trends Research Institute is inviting you to a truly unique learning vacation. “Prepare for 2016” will explore the essential trends unfolding in 2016, while also providing experiences and activities that will rejuvenate and energize you.

This retreat, held January 10-16 at a magnificent 30-acre health and well being facility in Naples, Florida, is a true mind, body and spirit experience. Natural healing icon Gary Null will be among the speakers who will help you prepare for 2016. Throughout the week, we’ll engage a deep understanding of the trend lines that will affect your bottom line and quality of life in the year ahead, identifying the hidden risks and opportunities. And we’ll enjoy the tranquil, healing environs of this paradise-like setting with health and well being experts to help you refuel and refocus as 2016 unfolds. Daily trends sessions will blend with sessions, activities and discussions on nutrition, fitness and natural healing. And there’s plenty of time and space to just relax and have fun.

Learn more at this link. Or, call Taryn Clark, weekdays, at 845-331-3500, to register.

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