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Go back to last year at this time, when Presstitutes and politicians launched the COVID War. As we had pointed out back then, just as with all the other wars launched, the warmongers ban those opposed to wars based on lies, while they promote those who champion them.
There is no greater an example than former FDA bureaucrat Scott Gottlieb, who was quoted on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on 29 March 2020 that “aggressive social distancing” must be enforced: 
“So 14 days after you start to see a sustained reduction in the number of daily cases, that’s the point at which you can contemplate lifting some of these measures that we have in place right now, some of these very aggressive social distancing measures.” 
Backtrack Fraud
Now, one year later, Mr. Gottlieb, who sold his aggressive social-distancing mandate, has admitted it was made up. Appearing on CNBC last week, he said, “This six-foot distancing requirement… really wasn’t based on clear science.”

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