Last week Ted Cruz eviscerated Attorney General Merrick Garland over the Justice Department siccing the FBI on parents airing concerns at school board meetings.
Cruz rightly condemned Garland for mobilizing the FBI to act on a vitriolic letter by the National School Boards Association (NSBA) that claimed parents constituted a “domestic terrorism” threat.
Among other things, the letter asserted that “acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials… could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”
It turns out the letter was part of a premeditated effort by the association, working with the Biden administration, to intimidate anyone parental opposed to their radical “Critical Race Theory” and COVID mandate agendas.
Cruz succeeded in showing the naked weaponization of government agencies now targeting American citizens for political wrongthink.
Unfortunately, it’s likely that nothing will change from rhetorical victories.
Setting Up Political Smears
Since the 1990’s, the FBI has operated more and more pervasively as a political police force, engaging in set-ups and subterfuge…
They have targeted enemies to further political agendas, and have actively manipulated events to achieve outcomes that have allowed the pursuit of a more comprehensive police state, where average citizens are less free to exercise Constitutional rights, and government is more empowered to suppress and even criminalize opposition to their dictates.
An excellent recent article at conservativetreehouse.com eviscerated two of the more recent smear missions of the FBI: the kidnapping plot of Michagan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and the January 6 Capitol protest.
In both cases, the FBI set out not only to entrap a group of participants into criminal activities. They created and encouraged criminal events in order to use them to smear and suppress political movements.
Gretchen Whitmer stood out in 2020 for enacting some of the most stringent COVID lockdowns measures in the nation. At the same time, she was rightly reviled for hypocritically breaking her own mandates.
As political opposition to the lockdowns escalated, and protesters assembled rallies and a recall effort, a “kidnapping plot” against Whitmer suddenly broke in the news.
Local news outlet abc12 at the time described the events that led to the October arrests of the plotters, as per the FBI:

  • “On June 6: court documents say those two people and about 13 others from several different states met in Dublin, Ohio. The FBI says they planned to create a self-sufficient society that followed the U.S. Bill of Rights.
  • “Next: they looked to add numbers to their group, connecting with a Michigan militia Facebook group. Several other meetings followed in June, including one at a Second Amendment rally in Lansing.
  • “Over the next three months: the group met for tactical training exercises in the Jackson County town of Munith and in the Lake County town of Luther. That’s where they allegedly came up with their plans to attack a Michigan State Police facility and shoot up the Whitmer’s vacation home with the goal of kidnapping her.”

The plot was reported relentlessly in the media, and was used by authorities to cast opposition to the Governor and other COVID policy hardliners as dangerous, radical and violent. 
But it turned out the entire kidnapping plot was the brainchild of the FBI. The agency actively sought out a few requisite discontents, and manipulated them all along the way in the progress points of the plot.
As the Conservative Tree House pointed out, 12 of 18 suspects involved were working for the FBI from the outset. In other words, 12 dedicated FBI operatives managed to rope only six others into a grand conspiracy to create a self-sufficient society that followed the U.S. Bill of Rights, and overthrow a hypocritical Governor who is still lying about how many nursing home patients here COVID policies killed.
The January 6 Washington DC protests presented another opportunity for the FBI to undermine legitimate public political and protest rights.
Organized in the aftermath of the November 2020 presidential election, the FBI knew for weeks that the protest was shaping up to be massive. 
People across the country were appalled by widespread evidence of voter irregularities and fraud, manipulation of voting processes by mega billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros, and systematic suppression of political speech on social media platforms, all designed to benefit Joe Biden. 
A trespass into the Capitol building that occurred on January 6 was nothing new in terms of politics. (See the Democrat activist occupations of the Hart Senate Office Building and the Wisconsin State House, as referenced in “POLITICAL PRISONERS IN THE U.S.A.,” 2 March 2021.)
But the overall scene of thousands at the Capitol was twisted into a narrative of “insurrection.” Over 600 protestors, most of whom did nothing more than trespass, have been held as political prisoners.
Americans have largely been cowed from further protests in the months since, over the election, or unpopular COVID policies and vaccine mandates.
But just like the Whitmer case, evidence is now coming to light that the FBI infiltrated groups involved in the January 6 protest, not just to monitor potential criminal activity, but to actively incite such activity.
Representative Thomas Massie last week questioned Attorney General Merrick Garland about FBI agents planted in the crowd in DC.
Massie specifically brought up Ray Epps, a former leader with the Arizona chapter of Oath Keepers, and showed a video of Epps inciting a crowd to trouble.
Epps can be seen telling protesters at an event in DC the night before the rally: “Tomorrow we need to get into the Capitol! Into the Capitol!”
The FBI has notably not arrested Epps in connection with the Capitol protest, and has actually removed his picture from an FBI “Capitol Violence” website page.
It appears to be shaping up as another case where the FBI was setting up a smear.
The Dangerous Devolution of the FBI
The Whitmer case and the January 6 protest are the latest instances in a line of FBI abuses and derelictions of duty that have piled up over the last 25 years.
The Conservative Tree House article catalogued a tragic trail of incidents that have eroded trust and marked the devolution of the FBI into a dangerous organ of political manipulation.
Among the many lowlights include:

  • 1992: Ruby Ridge. In a long sad series of events, the Federal government (via the ATF) set-up Randy Weaver, a former Green Beret. Weaver was induced to sell the informant a purportedly illegally sawed off shotgun. After Weaver failed to show at a court date over the matter, federal agents attempted a raid on Weaver’s property. An FBI sniper killed Weaver’s unarmed wife. Weaver’s 14-year-old son was also killed in the woods near the Weaver home. Weaver and several children subsequently surrendered to authorities. The Weavers later won a combined out-of-court settlement in August 1995 of $3.1 million. After numerous appeals, Kevin Harris, a friend of the Weaver’s involved in the event, was awarded a $380,000 settlement in September 2000.
  • 1993: The Waco Massacre, in which dozens of children were burned to death when federal authorities including the FBI stormed a compound of a religious sect. A siege had lasted from 28 February until April 18, following an initial raid that resulted in the death of six Branch Davidian members and four federal agents. The government move on the compound resulted in the death of 76 people, including 25 children and two pregnant women.
  • 1996: the framing of Richard Jewel for the Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics, when Jewel was not only innocent, but discovered the pipe bomb and helped evacuate people from an area just before the explosion, likely saving many lives 
  • 2014: the FBI standoff at the Clive Bundy ranch over long exercised land grazing rights of ranchers
  • 2016: the FBI cover-up surrounding the set-up ambush of Bundy supporters, and the killing of LaVoy Finicum, a friend of the Bundy family
  • 2015 to 2020: The FBI engaged in one of the most corrosive episodes of subterfuge in the history of the nation. Called “spygate,” it involved the abuse of FISA warrants predicated on false information peddled by Clinton campaign operatives, to initiate spying on the Trump campaign and presidency. Spygate hobbled the entire Trump presidency with smears of Russian collusion, and information is still coming to light about the FBI’s corrupt involvement in undermining democracy

The FBI has also repeatedly failed to act on prior knowledge of specific dangers posed by many individuals who committed crimes. Some of those crimes ended up sparking political objectives with respect to more stringent “anti-terrorism” and gun control laws, etc.
A selection of those incidents and persons include:

  • The Boston Marathon bombing committed by the Tsarnaev brothers
  • San Bernardino terrorists, who killed 14 people and injured 22; the communications of Tasfeen Malik, who committed the crime along with Syed Farook, was under active FBI surveillance before the attack
  • Colorado grocery store shooter Ahmad Alissa
  • Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen; the FBI was tipped off by a local sheriff prior to the attack, yet did nothing to stop it
  • Parkland High School shooter Nikolas Cruz; the FBI received at least one specific tip that Cruz was dangerous and about to commit a violent crime, likely at a school. In addition Cruz had a lengthy history of violent incidents and arrests, some involving firearms that was known to local police, school and federal authorities
  • Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan
  • The FBI knew the shooters of the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil, which occured in Garland Texas in 2015. But not only that. The FBI transported Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, to the venue of the attack, and were standing only a few yards away when the assailants opened fire.

The circumstances and information surrounding 9/11 are a tragic and expansive subject all its own. But to give just a few examples of the dereliction and strange incompetence of the FBI (and other government agencies):

  •  Hijackers including Mohammad Atta were known to the FBI via a database called “Able Danger”
  • Federal authorities were alerted that students in a flight school program were acting suspiciously
  • A 2015 Showtime documentary titled “The Spymasters” revealed that the government had much more specific information prior to 9/11 than the 9/11 Commission Report admitted; the Trends Journal touched on that subject in “A STROLL DOWN 21st CENTURY CONSPIRACY LANE,” 29 Jun 2021

There are other events, including the bizarre FBI investigation of a mass shooting in Las Vegas during a country music concert, which resulted in no explanation of the possible motives of the attacker, or much about the event at all, despite the fact that 60 people were killed and 411 others were wounded.
But as Wikipedia noted, the shooting did focus political “attention on firearms laws in the U.S., particularly with regard to bump stocks, which Paddock used to fire shots in rapid succession.”
According to a final report issued on the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the history of the U.S., the experts at the FBI could determine no clear motive for the attacker’s actions.
On August 3, 2018, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo held a press conference on the release of the report. According to wiki:
“A report published by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in January 2019 said that ‘there was no single or clear motivating factor’ for the shooting.”
One group did claim to know the attacker’s motive: ISIL. The terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed that Paddock was its “soldier” who had answered Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s call to attack coalition countries’ citizens. Yes, the same al-Baghdadi later killed by U.S. forces in a drone strike.
But the FBI has maintained that despite ISIL’s claim, the Las Vegas shooter had no known ties to the group.
More on the warping of the FBI into a corrupt and politicized tool of subterfuge can be read in the excellent conservativetreehouse article here.

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