Turns out conducting cruel experiments is nothing new to U.S. COVID policy czar Dr. Anthony Fauci.
Fauci is facing backlash like never before—not only for lies and deceptions concerning controversial gene therapy “vaccines” and the origins of COVID—but for animal cruelty.
News and footage surfaced last week concerning bizarre and ghastly research on dogs, paid for by NIH funding that Fauci greenlighted.
The experiments, conducted in Tunisia, involved trapping dogs in enclosures where flies could repeatedly bite their heads and infect them with parasites, effectively torturing and killing them.
According to reports, the dogs, which were beagles, had their vocal chords slit so that their barks of pain wouldn’t be heard.
The Hill said about the dog experiments:
“As many as 44 beagle puppies endured what Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) referred to as a ‘cruel’ and ‘reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds.’”
The NIH is also under fire regarding experiments on monkeys.
A watchdog group called the White Coat Waste Project (WCW) showed footage in 2020 of long tailed macaques being mistreated.
WCW said at the time about the footage:
“Never-before-seen videos released to WCW depict distraught monkeys chained by the neck in tiny cages being tormented with rubber spiders and mechanical snakes, objects the primates instinctively fear, just to observe their reactions. NIH ‘white coats’ sucked out parts of these monkeys’ brains or destroyed them with toxic acid to intentionally worsen the primates’ fear. In the video, a callous NIH ‘white coat’ can be heard joking, ‘Where the hell is the dancing monkey?,’ after one of the tests on the terrified monkeys ends.”
Millions have been spent conducting psychological torture experiments on primates by NIH, according to reports.
Reaction over Fauci’s latest controversy was swift on social media and in the halls of Congress. 
On Twitter, the hashtag #ArrestFauci was trending on Sunday afternoon, as a result of multiple controversies involving Fauci.
One person tweeted: “If you’re angry about how Fauci uses puppies, just wait until you hear how he uses COVID vaccines on healthy kids. #ArrestFauci.”
Members from both sides of the Congressional aisle sent a letter demanding answers from Fauci on animal research grants. 
Reps. Ted Lieu, Calif., and Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.,, both Democrats, and Reps. Fred Keller, Pa. and Nicole Malliotakis, N.Y., both Republicans, sent the letter.
The initial story about the beagle experiments was brought to light on the Buck Sexton and Clay Travis Show, which airs on radio stations across the country.

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