On Monday, 5 December, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt dropped the full deposition of Dr. Anthony Fauci, as part of the case Missouri vs. Biden.

The transcript covers hours of questioning. But a preliminary look by The Trends Journal has turned up some interesting testimony.

Fauci drew memory blanks when it came to highly controversial grants he oversaw as Director of NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases). 

Fauci said he was familiar with a Government policy adopted in 2014 halting “gain-of-function” virus experiments.

He acknowledged knowing that the government policy permitted exceptions to the ban, only “if the head of a U.S. Government funding agency determines that the research is urgently needed to protect the public health or national security.”

Fauci said he recalled that there were a number of instances where exceptions to the policy were approved.

But the NIAID Director denied having any specific role that he could recall in approving any exceptions.

This, despite the fact that the policy required exceptions to be approved only at the highest levels.  

Fauci specifically said he couldn’t recall approving exceptions for Ecohealth Alliance, a research firm headed by Peter Daszak, which received funding from NAID between 2014 and 2019.

Ecohealth has been implicated in conducting SARS virus experiments which made viruses more deadly, and working with researchers in connection with the Wuhan China biolab where many believe the COVID-19 virus outbreak may have escaped.

Also concerning Ecohealth’s funding and experiments, Fauci said he “couldn’t recall” personally authorizing their funding, or authorizing an exception for them to conduct so-called “gain-of-function” virus experiments.

Fauci instead said that his deputy, Dr. Hugh Auchincloss, or someone of lower authority, might have authorized an exception for Ecohealth Alliance.

The partial transcript below shows lawyer questioning on the topic, and Fauci’s answers:

Q. [JOHN SAUER, Plaintiff Attorney On Behalf of State of Missouri] Did any of those projects relate to research on viruses conducted by EcoHealth Alliance?

MR. KIRSCHNER [Fauci Defense Atty ADAM KIRSCHNER]: Objection. Assumes evidence not in the record.

FAUCI: Yeah. I’m not certain. I don’t — I don’t really recall. I know — I believe that after the fact, I was brought — it was brought to my attention that there were exceptions. I am not quite sure what the exceptions were for, but there were a couple of exceptions.

Q. Who in your agency would have authorized those, if not you?

FAUCI: Well, it could have been any of a number of people. It could have been people at the program level. It could have been my deputy. It could have been program managers and division directors. 

Q. Who’s your deputy?

FAUCI: Dr. Hugh Auchincloss.

In other words, Fauci claimed that despite the fact that exceptions to “gain of function” experiments were to be approved by the “head of a U.S. Government funding agency” and only in a situation where it was “urgently needed to protect the public health or national security”, he couldn’t recall any personal involvement or knowledge of the approval of Ecohealth Alliance research. 

Also in the deposition, Fauci asserted that he might well have signed documents approving the Ecohealth research, without specifically knowing any details about the research or recalling his approval, since in the course of his job he signed off on “thousands” of papers.

Damned If He Knew, Damned If He Didn’t

Many might argue that if Fauci did honestly not personally know and conscientiously approve of what Ecohealth Alliance was doing, then that would constitute a serious professional negligence at the least.

They also might say that given what Fauci and the world now know concerning Ecohealth and Wuhan, his assertion that he still can’t identify who under his authority gave exceptions for dangerous research and who vetted funding for the firm, is, at the very least, gross negligence.

Actually, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), has been saying it. As The Trends Journal has closely reported in multiple articles, Paul has doggedly alleged that Fauci has grossly abused and been negligent in his position. The Senator in his past questioning of Fauci as part of Senate oversight, has confronted Fauci with evidence indicating he knew or should have known what his agency was funding, concerning highly dangerous virus research.

Paul strongly believes Fauci has been lying and obfuscating his own and the U.S. government’s involvement.

Missouri AG Schmitt noted some other info brought out by Fauci’s recent court deposition in a Twitter thread on Monday. No doubt in the coming days more scrutiny of the deposition will uncover other revelations.

Fauci was compelled to testify in the Missouri vs. Biden case, which was brought by several state Attorney Generals and other plaintiffs, alleging illegal and improper Government attempts to censor American Constitutional free speech protections, via collusion with large tech companies including Twitter, Facebook and Google. 

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