When the Trends Journal reports the facts that proves 78 percent of those hospitalized with coronavirus are either overweight or obese, it is ignored by the media, health “officials” and politicians that demand “No Vax, No Freedom.” 
But now, considering that The New York Times, that arrogantly tells the world that they, and they alone determine “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” printed last week that getting fat is COVID deadly. On 9 December the Times detailed a study posted online in October and which sheds some new light on how the COVID virus works and what makes certain people more susceptible.  
The key may be in how the virus affects fat cells. While the body’s fat tissue was once thought to be inert and merely provide storage for fat, fat cells are now known to be biologically active, producing hormones and immune responses. Inflammation is the body’s response to microbial invasion, and sometimes that invasion triggers a state of low-grade inflammation which can be more damaging than whatever microbe caused it. 
And this might explain why persons who are overweight or obese are especially at risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19. Despite other conditions—such as Type 2 diabetics—increasing risk, body fat may be the determining factor.
TRENDPOST: Trends Journal has noticed this phenomenon; see “COVID-19 AND OBESITY: THE MORE YOU WEIGH, THE WORSE OFF YOU ARE” (9 Mar 2021) and “COVID-19 AND OBESITY: THE ELEPHANT IS STILL IN THE ROOM” (4 May 2021).

The COVID virus may target the body’s fat cells, infecting them and immune cells within body fat and provoking a damaging defensive response. 
“Whatever happens in fat doesn’t stay in fat,” said a scientist quoted by the NYT although not involved in the study. “It affects the neighboring tissues as well.”
The capacity of body fat to welcome and harbor pathogens is not unknown; influenza and H.I.V. are among those to which body fat has been shown to be especially vulnerable.
Statistically, the NYT notes, Americans of Black, Hispanic, Native American and Alaskan Native ethnicity are more obese than adult white or Asian American persons, and have COVID death rates roughly twice those of white Americans. 
TRENDPOST: As we have noted when the COVID War began in 2020, 42 percent of America’s population is obese (one of the highest rates worldwide), and 70 percent are overweight. 
Thus, while once-upon-a-time America was the envy of the world for high-class elements and style, now, the nation is most frequently stereotyped and made fun of for being fat. In fact, of the global population of nearly 8 billion people, in the obese land of America which accounts for 4.16 percent of the world’s population, 15.36 percent of the COVID deaths are from the U.S.A.

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