Familiar story from Australia

I discovered you about a year ago and just love listening to you and your insights. I agree with everything you say and stand for…and that is a big statement coming from me as I don’t say that lightly.

I’m self employed with a new business supporting ‘Australian-made’ products, with a wife and two kids. We find it hard to make ends meet, since my wife lost many hours with her job in the education sector when coming back to her job after our first baby. “Sorry” they said, “your job has been give to somebody else”. Here’s a few hours a week to keep you happy! What Bullshit.

Then in 08′ I lost my job and had to suffer getting another job with much less pay. You are right. There are too many flunkys out there shooting off their mouths and not fixing things. Take our current Prime Minister, accusing Putin of shooting down a plane that just should’nt be flying over a war zone to start with. What use is it, accusing Putin for this disaste? 

I started a new business and ‘am currently giving it a go. You know what? A larger business on  the other side of town tried to close us down just as we started. They have heaps of cash, operated by some jerk that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He threw the best lawyers at me to close me
down, just so he could have a monopoly in this market, importing from goods from F’n China. We are tying our best to make it and support locally made.

I like your comments, your style, your music, your insight.

Keep it up Mate!

Regards Chris Dowsett. Australia.

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