Over the past months, the Trends Journal has been presenting hard scientific data proving the mandatory wearing of masks is ineffective. In fact, just read the small print on the box of the blue masks commonly worn:

Jointown Face Mask: “These masks help protect against certain particulate contaminants but do not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.”

There it is in black and white: the masks do zero to “eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.”
Yet, political dictators have declared that We the Little People of Slavelandia must wear these life-draining, personality-depleting muzzles despite their proven ineffectiveness to stop catching or spreading COVID… and the vast majority follow.
As Gerald Celente has noted, and as the cover of our 15 September Trends Journal illustrates:

“These are the same class of imbecilic sociopaths and psychopaths who forced children to hide under their desks in air raid drills to protect them if an atom bomb was dropped… as if that would do anything.”
And now this same class of arrogant morons are making up the social distancing, mask wearing, capacity limitation, bubble rules, etc., to fight their COVID War.
As for masks, aside from not stopping the virus, mask wearing can be hazardous to your health.
The following are hard facts and scientific data, new and previously reported in the Trends Journal, that detail the ineffectiveness and dangers of mask wearing.
We present this overview as nations and states are ramping up new rounds of lockdowns, restrictions, and rules, including mandatory mask wearing.
In the U.S., for example, presidential candidate Joe Biden clearly has stated he favors a national mandate to force American citizens to wear masks. “Biden’s Call for ‘National Mask Mandate’ Gains Traction in Public Health Circles,” was the headline story in the 29 October New York Times.
The Times wrote that Mr. Biden “is already using his bully pulpit to promote and reinforce a culture of mask wearing,” and “he would mandate masks on all federal property, an executive order that could have wide reach.”
The article said Biden, “could use his authority under federal transit law to require masks on public transportation. He could also prod governors who are resisting mask mandates to at least require masks in public buildings in their states.”
The following detail the facts and science of mask wearing.

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