by Bradley J. Steiner
The difference between that which one once had to prepare to be ready to defend oneself against in urban America and that which one now must prepare to defend oneself against is considerable.
I am old enough to remember when fights – even those started by troublemakers and bullies – were resolved with an element of fairness.
There’s nothing “fair” about starting trouble or bullying another person, but there was a time when, believe it or not, kicking was just about never seen in a fistfight. Nor was hitting a person once he was down. Two against one was never heard of. If and when one party gave up, the other party stopped, at once. Knives or guns were never drawn. True enough, those who were victimized by punks, troublemakers, and bullies were being violated unconscionably, but the victimization had limits, and fights that erupted between individuals erupted due to some vague “reason.”
Today, everything is different. Thus, preparation for an emergency in which self-defense is required must be different.
We are now living in the age of pre-reason. Whereas there once needed to be a reason (however dumb) for an individual to start a fight with or attack another individual, this is no longer true. In today’s world of lunacy and indulgence, every low-life feels entitled… and that means entitled to lash out at, to swing on, to assault, to insult, to shove, to draw a weapon on, etc., whoever the hell they feel the impulse to violate. These creatures have not the humanity or the brains to think of it as a “violation.”
Because you looked at some case of arrested development cross-eyed, some hyper-sensitive drug abuser feels you “dissed” him, or perhaps because you aren’t wearing your mask as the damn intrusive SOB believes you should, you deserve (in the alleged “mind” of this useless freak) to be physically assaulted.
That’s one problem. The other is the very nature of the violence you can anticipate encountering if, God forbid, you are ever set upon by one of our 21st-century urban predators. Expect weapons to be drawn.
Expect to be stomped if you are down. Expect to be brutalized… and never mind if you willingly surrender your money or car keys. Nope, the scum isn’t satisfied until or unless it vents all of its asinine, unjustifiable, pent-up, inexcusable, envy, jealousy, resentment, and self-loathing on you. Today, when violence erupts, it’s deuces wild. The living sewage knows no restraints, needs no “reasons” or “justifications” – not even rationalizations – to run wild and amok and beat, maim, or kill.
Sadly, you see in this element of evidence pointing to the dissolution of the once-greatest Nation ever to come upon planet earth: the United States of America.
So, I hope I’ve shaken you a bit. Now, let’s be clear regarding what you need to do to be ready to cope with this outrage.
You need to be ever-ready, anticipatory of, and undismayed by the sudden arrival of the unexpected, which you must learn to EXPECT.
Your mindset must be like that of a person living in a jungle populated by wild beasts. You are you, and the beasts are unlike you. Rather, they are mindless, worthless, subhuman, evil monsters. Never mind that you mind your own business, bothering no one, stay out of seedy places, and conduct yourself with manners and with thoughtfulness for others. In today’s world, that’s not enough. Now, like the Morlock in H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine, who prey and who feed on the Eloi, the modern urban predators, may suddenly surface to target you and yours.
Why? Just because that’s their nature.
Be ready not to ask some lout why he is initiating aggression against you; why is it you he has chosen to play the “knockout game” with; why is he pulling that blade on you; why is this POS attempting to violate you like that, etc.? 
Instead… remember real self-defense! The second some ten-for-a-penny chunk of sewer-rot makes clear his intention to violate you, GO GET HIM! GO FOR HIS EYES! SMASH HIM IN THE THROAT! KICK HIM IN THE TESTICLES OR BREAK HIS KNEE! JAB YOUR UMBRELLA’S
END INTO HIS EYE! Use the technical methods of unarmed combat or armed defense if necessary at once!
You will not be the victim! Not this time, dammit! You act and you act fast, and you act without mercy or hesitation!
If you heed this counsel, your chances of surviving and emerging relatively unharmed are excellent. This is not the time to be humane, decent, caring, forbearing, merciful, sporting, or in any way anything but a vicious, all-out attacking dervish! Do not hesitate to seize the initiative and ATTACK THAT GODDAMN ATTACKER! You are not on this earth to serve as fodder for bipedal scum. Take him off guard! Do the worst damage of which you are capable, and do it RIGHT AWAY!
Only the simplest techniques are needed. But they must be used with the force you would employ to tear down a door to save your newborn infant from a murderer. Ram your fingers right through the attacker’s eyes. Smash him with your bodyweight behind it using the heel of your hand under his jaw or the edge of your hand across his neck or throat. Turn and lash out with a vicious kick to his knee using your heel. Knee him in the testicles. Drive your hand, formed in a claw, straight into his face; then kick him repeatedly. Use any object at hand to smash, bash, stab, jab, rip across, cut, beat, or grind the eyes out of that rodent who presumes to violate you. THAT’S IT! NOW YOU’RE GETTING IT!
The message, which I pray I’ve gotten across, is that we are living in an age when the norms of human decency and conduct simply do not apply, as far as society’s underclass of predatory vermin is concerned. To deal with and protect yourself against this scum, you need to expect the unexpected. 
Yes, you just might be set upon for no apparent reason. In today’s urban jungle, that’s par for the course. If that should occur, you will not be taken in a state of utter bewilderment. You will be immediately ready and conditioned to explode with fury and be your would-be victimizer’s worst nightmare. Should this phenomenon of unexpected violence come to you, it will be your attacker who will be found on the sidewalk – never yourself.
I know I’m an “extremist.” That’s because unexpected violence that leaves innocent human beings maimed or dead is a rather extreme problem.

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