No War blocks

You might not believe it if you only watch Western media propaganda, but a growing number of Europeans want Kyiv to be led to a negotiating table to bring the conflict with Russia to an end—even if it means ceding land, which Ukraine has called a non-starter. 

A recent poll by Euroskopia found that 48 percent of the population from nine EU countries want the war to end. The survey was conducted in Spain, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, and Austria. 

Those in favor of a swift end would accept Russia gaining land in the process. About 32 percent of those polled said they would disagree with any agreement that included ceding land.

When distilled, the poll showed that Austria and Germany had the most residents who wanted a quick end to the war, including 64 percent and 60 percent respectively. Those in the Netherlands and Poland were most opposed to ceding land, 27 percent and 28 percent respectively.

Last December, an Ipsos poll was conducted by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and found 47 percent of Americans want negotiations to begin, which is a noticeable increase from July, when 38 percent held the opinion.

TRENDPOST: We’ve noted that any talk of peace or ceding land to Russia is not tolerated in the West. (See “U.S. DECLARES MORE WAR, NO TIME FOR PEACE” 20 Dec 2022, “U.S. MORE WEAPONS OF DEATH TO UKRAINE, NO PEACE” 29 Nov 2022, and “ANTI-WAR PROTESTS SPREADING ACROSS GERMANY, NO PUSH FOR PEACE IN U.S.” 22 Nov 2022.)

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president, said in an interview Sunday that the outcome of the Ukraine War may result in a new military bloc comprised of countries fed up with Washington.

“This has always happened in the history of mankind during long wars,” he said. “And the U.S. then will finally abandon old Europe and what remains of the unfortunate Ukrainians, and the world will return to an equilibrium once again.”

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