Something’s gotta give.

New EU regulations giving authorities unprecedented political control to decide what’s “misinformation” and “disinformation,” is now at loggerheads with several major American social media platforms.

The EU is pressuring Elon Musk’s X platform (formerly Twitter), as well as Meta (parent company of Facebook) to censor accounts and info they deem as spreading harmful info.

But many free speech advocates say governmental authorities are using the “misinfo” tag to crush accurate info that’s inconvenient or opposed to their narratives and agendas.

And Americans—including politicians that could push back against the EU—should be up in arms that foreign bodies are attempting to effectively neutralize fundamental human rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Middle East Blow-Up Being Used to Censor Americans

The EU fired off a letter this past week to the X platform, contending in part:

“Following the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas against Israel, we are seeing a surge of illegal content and disinformation being disseminated in the EU via certain platforms. I would ask you to be very vigilant to

ensure strict compliance with the DSA rules on terms of service, on the requirements of timely, diligent, and objective action following notices of illegal content in the EU, and on the need for proportionate and effective

mitigation measures.”

The letter was sent by Thierry Breton, the EU commissioner in charge of implementing regulations related to the recently passed “Digital Services Act.”

Musk has resisted the intrusions, noting that America recognizes fundamental human rights related to free speech and political expression that don’t align with the governmental powers claimed in the new EU laws.

Meta, on the other hand, has not been nearly as stalwart in defending rights of users on its platform. It has been monitoring and censoring speech on various issues to conform to EU dictates, according to Breitbart. (“EU Warns Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk Over Spread of Disinformation on Meta, X,” 10 Oct 2023.)

Breton said the EU had “noted steps taken by Meta to increase mitigation measures in the run-up to the recent elections in Slovakia—such as increased cooperation with independent authorities.”

American social media companies are under no ethical or moral obligation to put the dictates of authoritarian governments above fundamental human rights.

Unfortunately, though, U.S. politicians who are supposed to value those rights, have not pushed back against the EU over the meddling.

Perhaps that’s because many U.S. Federal agencies and even state governments and politicians have engaged in similar tactics of censorship via pressuring of social media platforms, as the Twitter Files, Facebook files, and the Missouri vs Biden court case have all amply exposed.

The EU could choose to try to block IPs associated with X and Meta, for example, to prevent their citizens from accessing the platforms.

That would be a China level gambit of authoritarian control.

Instead, they are attempting a back channel, less obviously draconian path.

TRENDPOST: It’s “sacrifice your freedoms for the ‘War On Terror’” redux, and Americans shouldn’t fall for it.

No amount of promised “safety” is worth the domestic surveillance state that has come to define the post 9/11 American social landscape.

And how easy is it to prove the lie that governmentseither the U.S. or EUare only concerned with misinfo because of citizen “safety”?

Consider this: the same governments bent on censorship in the name of protecting citizens, are the same governments that have imported huge masses of immigrants, many of them young men of military age, over the same post 9/11 period.

In the U.S., that immigration has come with a stark rise in synthetic drugs via vicious exploitative cartels, a rise in general crime, a strain on medical system resources and safety net programs. 

The level of immigration pouring over the border from the Biden administration’s earliest days, right up to the present moment, has been staggering and highly destabilizing for the nation.

Of course it didn’t begin with Biden. And God knows, Trump tried to stem the tide.

The point here is: does this sound like a government concerned with ensuring the well being and safety of American citizens?

In Europe, the situation has been largely analogous, but even more dire.

Why is that?

Two factors:

  1. Birth rates in most EU countries have imploded and gone negative faster than in the U.S., so these societies and their cultures and values are dying off;
  2. Policies that have depressed and discouraged population growth or even sustaining native populations, have been paired with immigration from regions that have values and traditions that are antithetical to the EU’s post-Christian neo-socialist liberal order. To put it bluntly, muslims who now occupy growing enclaves in most EU states have little to nothing in common with those EU “values.”

It would be comical, if it were not so tragic, to see the state of things at the current moment. The EU, which accelerated open borders immigration policies over the last 20 years, is now busy conducting speech wars against American social media companies.

And in America, MSM has been shocked at massive gatherings of support for what they deem as “radical” pro-Palistnian rallies, following Hamas attacks on Israel.

In both places, ugly truths about “one world” diversity are coming home to bite.

By not standing for our values, culture, and political traditions, and not creating policies that have strengthened and encouraged the continuance of families and procreation, we are now cannibalizing our most cherished values, as a new populace with no stake in them, is gaining more, in sheer numbers, and in their voice.

If it all looks like the end stage of a civilizational order, that’s because it is.

And what follows in its wake is not looking pretty.

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