As the Trends Journal has been reporting since November, the war in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has resulted in a mass exodus and slaughter of those living in the area at the hands of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019.
The stated reason for Ahmed’s government launching the major offense against the Tigray’s was because they held an election in September in violation of a countrywide voting ban due to the virus outbreak. He blamed Tigray leadership for violating “the constitution and endangering the constitutional system.”
As we have been reporting, there have since been numerous reports of human rights atrocities committed by neighboring Eritrean troops along with Ethiopian forces.
Last week, the Associated Press said they were provided evidence from those who fled the area and made it to Sudan of mass killings and rampant sexual abuse… and that the Ethiopian government’s mission is to ethnically cleanse the country of the Tigray’s.
TREND FORECAST: The Tigray war, launched by the Ethiopian government, has been essentially blacked out from the rest of the world. There are no news reporters in the Tigray region providing firsthand information, thus the true extent of the war, how many have been killed, and the damage done are only estimates.
However, as we have forecast, the greater the tensions rise and the deeper the nation falls economically, the more people in this highly-populated nation will seek refuge in safe-haven European nations. This will, in turn, boost populist political party movements throughout the Eurozone.
Beyond Ethiopia, as we have been reporting, this trend will escalate, as economies throughout Africa continue to decline and civil unrest intensifies.

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