Fear is in the air. It’s a freak show, and everyone with a half a brain and an open heart knows it.

And in the U.S., where they’re continually bragging about being number 1, “The Presidential Reality Show®,” starring Reality Show Champion, Donald Trump, is the greatest show on earth and indeed number 1 in the ratings.

And what a fabulous cast… the D.C. clowns of all races, creeds, genders and colors.

While “The Donald” is the U.S. Circus Ringleader, he’s proudly supported by a global cast of clowns. Name the country, name the freak. Yes, there are some good ones who truly care and have the best interests of the people they serve.

Only in the Presidential Reality Show®, which we forecast two years ago would become the political theater it is today, would the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice consume the nation and much of the world in debate over whether he drank too much beer in high school and college, whether he passed out after drinking, or morphed into an angry preppie when he had one too many and threw ice in the face of a fellow pink-shirted, elitist Yalean.

And, of course, is he guilty of sexual assault?

By some measures, when Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in late September, more people watched on TV or followed the drama on digital media than watched or followed the last Super Bowl.

In fact, even the networks cut into their regular programming to replace game shows and soap operas with the game show and soap opera playing out on Capitol Hill.

Workplaces across the country froze in unison, mesmerized by the soap opera drama playing out, pitting two teens from decades ago against a backdrop of teenage drinking, sex games and other windows into the dark side of privileged preppy life.

The twittersphere exploded with opinions, nuanced commentary, conspiracy theories, confessions of “victims,” foggy remembrances of the asshole thugs we grew up with and more sleaze that would have remained the dirty laundry of our own private thoughts and circle of friends and family before the days of social media.

For days, the country debated whether the Devil’s Triangle reference in Kavanaugh’s calendar was a sex act or a drinking game. We slaved over the urban meaning of “boofing,” or what in the hell does “FFFFFFourth of July mean, as if we were translating the Dead Sea Scrolls or some other ancient text.

Oh, the high-priced reporting power that went into covering this droll and coming at a time when reporting power is at an all-time low following a decade of massive layoffs in media and the corporatization of once proud and independent media institutions.

As the worst humanitarian crisis in the world intensifies in Yemen, with Saudi Arabia, along with its allies, including the U. S., continuing to bomb Syria back into the dark ages; with currencies and economies sinking worldwide; with record-breaking bankruptcy filings among seniors; skyrocketing health care costs as America becomes fatter, poorer and sicker and rates of depression and suicide rise… to name a few, the media and its willing audience instead spent weeks debating scribbles in a yearbook while they blacked out this news.

While the matter of a sexual assault and other claims against Kavanaugh’s suitability to the court must be debated, the Presidential Reality Show® world we live in, elevated the proceedings to intolerable, ultimately meaningless levels, while the real news forming future trends is increasingly ignored.


The Kavanaugh Classic is just the most recent glaring example of America’s Reality Show mentality.

Indeed, in 2016 they elected “The Apprentice” Reality Show star, Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. And, keeping true to his original character, “The Donald,” with his tweets, deeds and actions is the undisputed Commander-in-Chief Reality Show Champion ratings king.

But long before Trump, America’s political system had degraded into Reality Show status. Indeed, it was Barack Obama who inspired Gerald Celente to coin the term and register it as a trademark.

Losing to Hillary Clinton in the fight for the Democrat Party presidential nomination in 2008, candidate Barack Obama, after being taken under the wing of Oprah Winfrey, changed his act, perfectly playing his “Hope and Change You Can Believe In” performance that captured America’s audience and catapulted him into the White House.


While it is easy and simplistic to identify the Reality Show champions as the causes of a dumbed down and declining America, it was, and is, the mainstream media that has, and continues to lower the mental bar with its bias, simplistic, and generally moronic news coverage.

With just five major corporations owning over 90 percent of the broadcast media, they control the news content to drive their agenda.

For example, as we noted in the September 2018 Trends Journal, with fact-based analyses, we demonstrated how they sold, and keep promoting war agendas while they black out those who are opposed to it.

And on a daily basis, across the media landscape they continue to promote inconsequential junk news while ignoring critical geopolitical, socioeconomic, environmental and cultural issues that are reshaping the world. TJ

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