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For the sake of convenience, and marching along the siren song of technological progress, are we damaging our health, and our humanity?

The advocacy group Cellular Phone Task Force is making that case, via a new “policy Brief on Electrosmog.”

What’s Electrosmog? According to the group, which includes noted scientists and is supported by the World Council for Health:

“Electrosmog is the totality of the electric fields, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation that bathes us 24/7 from all electrical and electronic devices, electric wires, power lines, and wireless devices and antennas. With wired communication, information is transmitted via the wires, and the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiation are unintentional. Proper engineering can reduce these unwanted fields and radiation to a minimum.”

The group has produced a list of action goals that certainly qualify as bold. They include:

● The study of electricity should be restored to biology and medicine.

● Personal wireless communication must be phased out because the radiation that carries all the messages is destroying life on earth.

● Mobile phones must be replaced with landline phones, WiFi with ethernet cables, and other wireless consumer devices with devices connected by wires and cables.

● Mobile phone antennas and masts must be phased out and removed.

● Wireless technology must be removed from vehicles.

● Smart meters must be replaced with analog meters.

● Smart highways, smart cities, and the Internet of Things must cease being developed and deployed.

● Radar stations must be limited in number, location, and power.

● Radar (microwave) ovens should not be used for heating food.

● An international treaty on electrosmog, addressing radiation on land, in the oceans, and in space, must be drafted.

The Health Effects of “Radiation Everywhere”

Though most people these days have come to rely on benefits of things like cellphones and other wireless technologies, there are undeniable trade-offs.

Political philosopher Thomas Sowell often pointed out that there are few “cost-free” decisions or choices in life.

But has the convenience of wireless communications and office and home computer network systems that don’t need a wire run from every device to racks of routers and switches, come at too high a price?

The Cellular Phone Task Force believes it has, and they cite study-backed data and statistics to make their case.

For instance, they point out that only a single two-hour exposure to a mobile phone during a laboratory rat’s lifetime, even when the power of the phone was reduced 100-fold, caused permanent brain damage.

The possibility that the exponentially higher exposure younger generations of humans are now subjecting themselves to, may result in serious health outcomes.

“Cell phones are not safe at any power level, at any distance from the head, and for any duration,” the policy brief contends.

But there’s much more. The group details a wide range of dangerous consequences resulting from proliferating electrosmog.

It all centers on how wireless advances have been built on radiation as its backbone technology and “product”:

“The ability to use a mobile device everywhere on earth means that every square meter of the earth must be irradiated at all times.

“Mobile devices operate in the microwave spectrum, with the result that the entire planet is now swimming in a sea of microwave radiation that is millions to billions of times stronger than the radiation from the sun and stars with which life evolved.

“Life is based not only on chemistry but more fundamentally on electricity.

“The unimpeded flow of electrons is essential to the functioning of our nerves, heart, and metabolism.

Interference with these electric currents causes neurological diseases, heart disease, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, and cancer (4). 

“Organisms that have a very high metabolism, such as bees and other insects, are being wiped out. Thousands of studies document the devastating effects of wireless radiation on mammals, birds, insects, amphibians, and forests.

“Because EMFs are not a foreign substance to living beings, a toxicology model does not apply and there is not a dose response: reducing the power does not reduce the effect. Even a signal that is almost immeasurably weak can interfere with normal biological functioning.”

The policy brief cites an array of studies to support its contentions regarding wireless technologies which range from higher output systems, to newer low pulse networks that are being embedded into more and more physical objects as part of the IoT (Internet of Things).

It can be read here.

TRENDPOST: Though the Cellular Phone Task Force is largely focused on the physical and biological effects and potential harms that come with wireless technology, some are pointing out other damages the technology is fostering.

It doesn’t take a psychologist or sociologist to recognize how cellphones and “24/7” virtual connected communications have eroded the real-world social relationships and skills of younger generations.

Privacy advocates, meanwhile, are sounding the alarm concerning the intrusive and total surveillance systems now being built into our lives, via every object we use and interact with, from home appliances, to vehicles, to wearables, not to mention public surveillance systems. 

It is claimed that a just, equitable and planet-friendly optimization requires that scientists be able to gather as much data as possible. 

But with wireless technologies at the backbone of it all, humans are risking losing fundamental freedoms, their health, and even long-ingrained and socially crucial human modes of interacting and existing.

Certainly, there’s more sober study that should be conducted on those scores.

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