Ebola scare spawns shady businesses

Ebola is coming, Ebola is coming! One person contracted it here, another there, soon it will be coming to a neighborhood near you.

That’s the underlying fear and hysteria message most major cable and network news channels are pitching. And if it’s not stopped in its tracks, the talking heads and “experts” predict Ebola can become the next Black Plague. To help keep it contained, the president even appointed an Ebola Czar.

But despite the 24/7 coverage, the Ebola scare in the western hemisphere is an over covered, misunderstood haze of information that is spreading an air of panic. And to help elevate the panic and add to the confusion, governments in some states proclaimed a 21-day quarantine mandate against anyone returning from having direct contact with Ebola patients in West Africa.

We have seen this before. The stage is set for two types of shady business practices. Expect self-acclaimed alternative healing experts to peddle their magic potions of herbs, foods and juice concoctions and other products as remedies for or protection against Ebola. And expect to see illegal drugs pushed as a protection against the spread of the Ebola virus just as we saw when AIDS was in its early developmental stages.

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