It’s a great time to be in the drug business, whether you’re a Drug Lord Big Pharma manufacturer of COVID-19 vaccines (and now booster shots) or just a mega-drugstore chain like CVS or Walgreens (each with over 9,000 stores).
The Wall Street Journal reported last Friday that those two chains, as well as Kroger, Rite-Aid, Walmart and others, are gearing up for a new wave of vaccine demand, thanks in part to U.S. health officials having approved third doses for those with weakened immune systems and the Biden administration, on 18 August, calling for booster shots for all adults, starting in the fall (Remember when Biden promised one million shots a day? See January 2021’s “JOE ‘C’MON, MAN!’ BIDEN PROMISES VAX RAMP UP”).
Demand for initial shots is up as well, among people heretofore unvaccinated but now wary enough of the “new, improved, extra-extra contagious” Delta variant to finally come in and roll up their sleeves for the jabs that will save their lives. 
Besides, more and more Americans are finding themselves required to prove they’ve been vaccinated in order to remain employed, to travel, or just to participate in various activities (see the TJ article of 13 July, “U.S. VAX RATE DOWN, BIDEN FIGHTING TO PUSH IT UP”).
It’s all going to be very good for those drugstores working in concert with the government to get everybody vaccinated, especially since the slowdown in demand this summer caused many of the government-run mass vaccination sites to shut down, leaving the drugstores to now step in to pick up the slack now that demand is back up once more. Roughly one-third of the 400 million or so doses distributed since December have gone to companies in partnership with the government.
Those 65 and older, nursing home residents and healthcare workers will get the boosters first, and then come those who got their original doses earliest, and then come the rest of us. 
TREND FORECAST: Now that the Operation Warp Speed gene therapy jab has been warped speed approved by the FDA, vax sales will be boosted. And even though the operation will be very lucrative for the drug chains, nobody will have to pay a dime out of pocket; it will all be paid for out of the government’s unlimited coffers (see the February 2021 article, “SECRET VAX DEALS: TAXPAYER ROBBERY”).

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