Thanks to a release on 10 August by AFP (Agence France-Presse) we now know just how profitable the COVID-19 vaccines are for their manufacturers. Trends Journal has been reporting, since the start of the COVID War, just how enormous the Drug Lords’ revenues, and profits, have been, as in May 2021’s “VAX MINTS NEW BILLIONAIRES.” But these latest figures represent updates to prior projections, and show that, in most cases, even the most optimistic forecasts have been exceeded.
As has been true from the very first, Pfizer, along with its German partner BioNTech, has led the pack, in large part because it was the first to announce positive results from clinical trials (see November 2020’s “PFIZER CEO MAKES WINDFALL PROFIT FROM VACCINE NEWS”), and also because its vaccine was the first to be authorized for sale by U.S. and E.U. regulators. Pfizer continues to outpace its competitors, with revenues of $10.8 billion for the first half of this year. But it’s raised its projections and now expects to finish the year with $33.5 billion in sales.
Moderna, the Massachusetts-based company that (like BioNTech) sells nothing but its COVID vaccine, has also done quite well (see June 2021’s “DRUG LORDS’ VAX BOOM BOOMING”). With revenues of $5.9 billion for the first half of 2021, Moderna is now on track to finish the year with a much-higher-than-first-anticipated total revenue of $20 billion. 
Bringing up the rear in the vaccine sales derby are the British firm AstraZeneca and the U.S. firm Johnson & Johnson, both of which produce vaccines based on medical technology quite different from that of Pfizer and Moderna, technology that employs a genetically-engineered version of the virus that causes the common cold. AstraZeneca and J&J sell their vaccines cheaper, and the companies vowed to sell their vaccines at cost, which impacts their revenues.
Both firms’ vaccines were approved for sale by E.U. authorities later than those of Pfizer and Moderna. AstraZeneca’s vaccine still lacks U.S. approval.
But those companies’ revenues are still lofty, even if not quite as stratospheric as those of Pfizer and Moderna. Johnson & Johnson has racked up $264 million in sales thus far and expects to take in $2.5 billion for the year. AstraZeneca took in $1.2 billion in vaccine sales for the first half of 2021, but has not released a full-year projection.
TREND FORECAST: Not only had we forecast and been reporting on skyrocketing drug dealer profits from the COVID Vax, we had also forecast that it would go from a two jab to three jab to yearly jab… like the flu shot.
Indeed, it has gone in that direction.
It is important to note that this is just the beginning of forced vaccination programs. The Drug Lords will pay their mainstream media whores who they spend billions advertising on, and politicians who they buy off cheaply in the name of campaign contributions… to sell future “waves” of deadly viruses with new names and that will require new jabs.
And they will further mandate… no Jab, no Freedom.
As we had noted there were growing anti-vax movements in America and Italy before the COVID War broke out. Not only did those movements halt as evidenced by high COVID vaccination rates in both countries, but the adults that did not want their children vaccinated did a 1800 turn by taking the COVID Jab themselves.
If those who believe it is their choice to do what they wish with their bodiesbe it refusing to take allotropic drugs the drug lords sell to cure chronic degenerative diseases, or refusing an Operation Warp Speed emergency gene therapy jabdo not unite for Freedom, Peace and Justice… political tyranny will dramatically accelerate across the spectrum of life on earth. 

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