Digital Learning Trendposts

Professional education courses — Teacher re-certification programs and professional development courses will be made available in record numbers.
Summer school — Rather than sit in a brick-and-mortar classroom, high schoolers who need to re-take a class to recover credit can take the course online, whether through their local school or via an accredited online provider. Students can also advance their learning or get ahead on their course of study.
Khan Academy — Salman Khan launched his non-profit educational website back in 2006, and since then he has become a rock star among teachers, students and parents alike. It’s worldwide, free, and offers tutorials in everything from basic algebra and microeconomics to astronomy.
Graduate Courses — Learning institutions from public universities to the Ivy League will offer a much wider range of post-graduate courses, clearing the way for adults with careers, families and demanding schedules to continue their education.
Vocational Training — Specialized online training is bringing opportunity to people without access to a traditional school setting and employers increasingly recognize its value and effectiveness in preparing candidates for the work force. Skills for careers in areas such as medical billing, paralegal, web design and retail are taught in the courses most commonly offered. This trend is especially beneficial to people living in rural or remote communities and those without access to reliable transportation.

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