by Joseph Maxwell
Given the titanic economic damage caused by the political response to COVID-19, intelligent eyes are searching for answers beyond the stagnant eddies in the mainstream. There one can see a bigger story – one that unmasks the media’s portrayal of the world floating helplessly in the currents of the viral pandemic.
Even though coronavirus, like the flu, is awful for those seriously afflicted, it is less threatening to life than the swirl of entire economies being flushed down the financial drain… and all while the invisible hand of the dismal science is still on the handle.
This is a time in history where knowledge of monetary policy will most certainly pay… but, for the majority who choose to ride with the masked mainstream media, the sun is setting as fast as they are losing the remnants of their monetary freedom to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).
To those who already know that some 97 percent of dollars in existence are being stored digitally on bank computers, a switch to CBDCs might appear insignificant.
What must be understood, however, is that the remaining 3 percent of dollars left in physical form (banknotes and coins) measures how close the banks are to total financial control of our lives… as well as how far we are from the commodity money our founding fathers codified in the Constitution.
The argument for commodity, as opposed to either commodity-backed or fiat money, is that the people themselves had possession of the money. Its physical nature limited the ability to expand the quantity of the money, which also limited the loss of its value over time. Since this utility of money first was injured by fractional-reserve banking, and then murdered by the monetization of debt, the only monetary freedom remaining is the anonymity of transaction… and now, with the transition to CBDCs, that will be gone.
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) bulletin from 3 April 2020, “Covid-19, cash, and the future of payments,” claims that “the probability of [coronavirus] transmission via banknotes is low when compared with other frequently-touched objects, such as credit card terminals or PIN pads.” The bulletin continues, “[Covid-19] developments could speed up the shift toward digital payments.”
Surely, you would think this serious viral threat on physical currency and credit cards would have been mentioned by Banque de France, one of the world’s leading proponents of CBDCs.
Yet, in their 27 March 2020 “call” for applications to participate in a monetary study that aims to “show how… central bank money can be achieved through a CBDC based on different technologies,” there is no mention of coronavirus or germs on money.
In fact, two months earlier (and nearly a month after coronavirus made its world debut), an 8 January 2020 report from Banque de France, entitled, “Central Bank Digital Currency,” was so detailed, it included the important fact that cash payments take “7 seconds less than a payment using a contact smart card… [and] a retail CBDC could help to shorten this time.” It contained not one mention about viruses, germs, or human health.
The bigger story is that governments, armed with CBDCs, now will know within seconds what you bought, where you bought it, when you bought it, and whom you bought it from, thus collecting whatever percentage of what you earned in the name of taxes, so they can take your money and continue to live their high political life styles… regardless of how low the workers of Slavelandia go.
If Americans do not stand up to the progressing criminal acts being enabled through banking and tax law, all we will have is a digital dollar and a dream of days gone by when the people of America actually owned their money supply. A dream? More like a nightmare.

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