They live with their parents, because they can’t afford it on their own and complain about the economy.

And they voted overwhelmingly in the mid-terms for Democrats to maintain power.

They’re Gen Z, and a Harris poll just out confirms that 54 percent of 18 to 29 year-olds self-report living with parents because of their economic situation.

The poll revealed they’re worried about their present and future financial stability, as inflation is still at record highs, and many experts are forecasting negative GDP and a recession.

Nearly 80 percent are saving less money now than they were a year or two ago, and nearly 30 percent said they have persistent problems paying their expenses.

The poll is especially interesting in light of the fact that, as a group, Gen Z voted for the party that has held power while inflation, fueled by COVID lockdowns and energy policies of the Biden administration, exploded from mid 2021 to the present moment.

About 27 percent of Gen Z’ers voted in the midterms, which is actually near record highs for that age group in a non Presidential-year cycle.

And those voters skewed 63 percent Democrat, according to The New York Times, and other reporting.

At least according to, abortion and the environment—and not their economic circumstances—motivated Gen Z were the most important motivating factors for Gen Z.

That mirrored the priorities of the other group (with some crossover, over course) credited with accounting for Democrats as well as they did in the midterms: unmarried women.

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