About 40 Democrats on Friday signed a letter to President Biden urging him to take a new look at unemployment benefits and were vocal in their support of a federal increase and extension of weekly payouts.
The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that Congress has already intervened to increase payments by $300 weekly for jobless Americans during the COVID-19 outbreak, but these lawmakers want a more permanent solution.
The Journal, citing a person familiar with the matter, reported that the White House has been considering updating the unemployment program. 
Republicans insist these higher payouts could give people little incentive to get a job that may pay less than what they could be earning on unemployment.
CNBC reported that 3.67 million Americans claimed some form of unemployment benefits for the week of 10 April, which is about 34,000 lower than the previous week and what the news site called “a pandemic low.”
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What is being pushed in the United States by a political order is essentially: why would anyone want to work at a menial job when they can stay home and collect fatter checks from Uncle Sam? 
Indeed, we are seeing the trend toward federal payouts in the form of tax-payer funded universal income programs in cities, Democrats calling for $1,400 stimulus checks for lower-income Americans as long as there’s a pandemic, and this new push to make unemployment benefits permanent.
As we have been reporting, business owners who pay near-minimum wage have said there are fewer – if any – applicants for open positions, which is leading to new hurdles for these businesses to rebound while COVID lockdown measures subside.
“A lot of people have left or they get unemployment checks,” Giselle Deiaco, the owner of Avena Ristorante in downtown Manhattan, told Fox Business. She said before the pandemic, her business would receive hundreds of resumes, now they just trickle in. “Some get more than what they need. It’s been like that for a few months already.”

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