The CDC has mainlined poison into vulnerable Democrat campaigns.

Their decision to add the COVID mRNA gene level treatments deceptively called vaccines, onto the schedule of recommended childhood vaccines, isn’t playing well with Americans.

And that is making it hard for Democrats who wanted to avoid talking about the controversial COVID shots leading up to the midterms now just around the corner. 

Pro vaccine mandate Blue state Democratic governors like JB Pritzker, Kathy Hochul, and Gretchen Whitmer, are all in unexpected trouble. reported the resurgence of a COVID vaccine controversy, noting that only 3.5 percent of U.S. parents have given their infants and toddlers, who range in age from 6 months to 5 years, injections. And only one-third of children aged 5 to 11 who are of school age have had at least one vaccination, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey.

Hochul is facing a surging challenge from former prosecutor Lee Zelden, who has staked out a resonating message that he would enforce and enhance measures to prosecute and put away criminals.

Just days ago, her office announced that children as young as five could receive new so-called bivalent mRNA and DNA COVID booster “vaccine” treatments:

“Being able to provide the bivalent boosters to an even greater number of children throughout the state will expand protection against the Omicron variants, as we collectively work to stay up to date with these safe, effective vaccinations. I encourage all eligible New Yorkers to get these boosters to protect themselves, their families, their children, and our communities from this virus as we head into the cold weather months.”  

But Hochul isn’t merely “encouraging” COVID mRNA treatments for children. Given her already implemented policies and statements, she is very likely to follow the CDC guidelines concerning the COVID shots, if re-elected, as are other blue state politicians who aggressively pushed and tried to coerce Americans into getting the shots when they became widely available starting in January 2021.

But she is certainly dodging the question at the current moment. A 21 October Daily News story noted that Hochul did not jump to take a position on whether COVID might be added to that list,” regarding the CDC’s guidelines for childhood immunizations

Zeldin has said he opposes putting the COVID shots onto the childhood vaccination list.

In December of 2021 Hochul endorsed vaccine mandates for children, as reported by WHAM at the time.

“We will get to that point [state legislature approval of a mandate], but other steps need to be taken,” Hochul said.

“I think it’s a good reminder to parents,” she added. “Your children are already vaccinated or else they wouldn’t be able to go to school in the first place. This is a routine function.”

TRENDPOST: No, Democrats can’t run from their extreme positions, including child vax mandates. And as commentator Kurt Schlicter recently pointed out, political opponents should be having a field day sticking those vax mandate positions right up Democrat keisters:

“And then last week, in a stroke of timing genius, the Biden CDC decided to effectively mandate that kids have to take the vaccine the CDC lied to us about. Way to remind everyone about COVID while infuriating moms who prefer their kids’ hearts not explode from a vax that won’t prevent a disease that won’t kill them.” 

“Any GOP politician not pounding on injection fascism is committing political malpractice.”

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