Democracy in America is dead

Go back to your Spring Trends Journal. Take a look at the cover. Read the headline: “Liars, cowards, freaks & fools: Welcome to The Presidential Reality Show.”

That’s precisely what it is, and we wrote this before reality show champion Donald Trump was a contestant.

Now take a look at what is being passed off to the public as presidential debates by networks that host them — and compare them to what used to be.

For example, from grade school to college, we were taught of the great Lincoln-Douglas debates. Back then, the candidate that opened the debate had 60 minutes to say what he wished, followed by the other candidate, who spoke for 90 minutes. Then, the candidate that spoke first was given a 30-minute “rejoinder.”


Now look at The Presidential Reality Show and what is being passed off to the public as debates. The staging, the lights, the cameras, the action… it’s nothing more than “Beat the Clock,” a TV game show. Contestants are given only 60 seconds to answer moronic, juvenile, inconsequential questions asked by presstitutes working for the media whorehouse that pays them… and just 30 seconds to respond if another candidate was cited in the answer.

Whorehouse? Pressitutes? Yes, mega-brothels… CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, among the six conglomerates that own 90 percent of what is passed off as free media.

Indeed, Republican candidate Ben Carson, appearing on ABC’s This Week, asked for moderators (a.k.a. presstitutes) “who are interested in disseminating the information about the candidates as opposed to ‘gotcha.’”

In reply, ABC’s Martha Raddatz asked, “Should the candidates be challenged? Don’t you want to hear what they have to say and have that challenged by a free press?”

Free press? It cost a reported $250,000 for a 30-second commercial during the October 28 CNBC debate debacle that Carson was complaining about.

Free press? Who was Raddatz (her second husband was chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission in the Obama administration and her third husband is a mouthpiece on National Public Radio) speaking to? Was it third-grade children or brain-dead adults that tune into predictably worthless network bullshit endlessly featuring the same revolving door of experts, pundits and political lowlives peddling lies and promoting propaganda?

How can the American people sit back and tolerate this grand manipulation? Democracy is dead, and so is capitalism. It’s fascism: the merger of state and corporate powers. How much more proof is needed?

It’s more than just a few billionaires and mega-millionaires who fund the super PACs that pay for politicians to run for office. 


Now, as the facts prove, a handful of media oligarchs orchestrate the race for the White House from start to finish.    TJ  

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