Death by cellphone

Are cellphones dirty? Are they a hazard to your health?
The industry says no.

Is cigarette smoking hazardous to your health?

For decades, the tobacco industry hid the data and denied the deadly truth.
Is eating pesticide-laden foods good for you? Or would you rather feed yourself and your children “clean” organic foods brought to market safely?

Like “clean foods” before it, a term I coined in 1993, “clean phones” is a trend in its early stages. But it will evolve into a multi-billion-dollar market segment. The growing science supporting the ill health effects of chronic cellphone use will necessitate a parallel industry to combat the health risks.

Nearly three decades ago, scientific evidence was mounting that chemicals used to grow our food posed a number of health risks, cancer among them. But widespread awareness and acknowledgement of that fact was scant. At some point, I forecast back then, scientific evidence across the globe would confirm the range of ill effects of chemically laden foods. Then, the mainstream media, as well as the public, would take notice.

Today, the organic/clean-food industry, though a minority share of the entire food market, has reached $43 billion. And, it’s increasing.

The same will happen with “clean phones.” That large segment of the retail market that pays attention to “healthy alternatives” will fuel and sustain the growth.

How fast and far this trend will grow is rooted in what science tells us.

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